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  1. Woah am I just stupid? What is going on with Scooter?? 2017: all star level 2b/3b .295, 27 homers, 97 RBI, 80 runs 2018: all star level 2b .310 23 homers, 92 RBI, 86 runs 2019: poised to hit in the middle of the Reds dangerous lineup, tears his groin, then just as he is returning he gets traded for nothing and then outright CUT by the Giants??? Why does all of baseball have literally zero interest in someone who was amazing for two straight years?
  2. Well Omar Narvaez has been a top 5 offensive catcher in MLB for the last two years, so that's one reason
  3. Nah then his results would be poor. I think he’s just got great stuff and he could toy with minor leaguers and get them to chase what he wanted at will. Now he has to adjust and just work harder on making the right pitch; not just any pitch. I think he will put it all together but it might take some time. Such is the life of a young pitcher
  4. Well you are forgetting luck. The ERA is a reflection of pitcher plus defense plus luck. Luck is a huge factor in the larger variance of ERA compared to the predictors and FIP/xFIP attempt to parse it out. However, the predictors can’t tell precisely how much or the pitchers deviation is from luck and how much is the other factors so you basically have opposite problems. Using a pitchers ERA to predict has a lot of luck built in. Using the predictors takes out the luck but also the other factors, making them both imperfect
  5. Verlander is a disingenuous comparison though. 9 times out of 10 when a pitcher goes into a Verlander-like slide they don’t just miraculously recover to dominance again. That’s the exception not the rule. I think there is a lot about Sale to be worried about even before this year began That aside he obviously can miss bats and I can’t draft German (who has also been very spotty this year) over Sale next year.
  6. Barring injury why would LA be saving him for the playoffs? I think that’s just wishful thinking Kershaw pitches, Ryu pitches, Buehler pitches. Then you’ll have the fourth starter being picked from among Hill, Maeda, Stripling and Urias. Maybe they use two of those guys for 3 innings each or something. Even in a World Series run, id be surprised if Urias exceeds 15 innings in the playoffs. Therefore I don’t see them needing to ramp Urias up to a full useful starter in September if all those options are around.
  7. Actually like your team and pitching staff so I wouldn’t bend over to trade for pitching. If he wants to sell Clevinger cheap then sure go for it but otherwise I’d hold
  8. Trading deadline coming up and in my 7x7 league (ops/k, cg/k-bb) I have these assets for next year to consider. It’s 16 teams and pretty deep (open market this year here’s some auction prices: carrasco 56, Strasburg 50, Marquez 30, Blackmon 50, machado 46, Rizzo 45... pitching is always unusually expensive). Prices increase $5 per year (*** players must be thrown back after their $30 year) ***betts $30 ***devers $15 mcneil $10 ***soto $10 brantley $11 (remember k’s is a category) bogaerts $32 caleb Smith $1 urias $2 will hell you back!!
  9. Is it an outlier? Last 16 games at Coors: 75% of them you'd take the over on O/U 12. Hell, a single team scored 12 runs 9 times during this stretch. Looks like the appropriate O/U has been about 20. I would say the place is a joke, but honestly I actually like the interesting Coors field outlier. The problem is the juiced ball is a f'in joke, and has turned Coors field into a completely laughing stock and is making a mockery of stats and the game. Here's those last 16 games btw, although I'm sure since it took a minute to write this the ongoing 13-0 score is out of date. 10-3 10-1 9-6 16-12 14-8 14-13 12-8 13-9 5-3 10-5 9-8 4-2 3-2 17-9 10-9 13-0 and counting
  10. Why is Gibson pitching these weird abbreviated starts lately? That relief appearance really has thrown his schedule all off kilter
  11. Honeatly if the Mets and Padres scare you, then every NL start will be scary outside Miami
  12. I get that he was last year’s fun story but oh my how people have forgotten Juan Soto, not mentioned by a single person so far?? That’s crazy. The guy is 20 years old. He has the plate discipline of a veteran and the sky is the limit
  13. I don’t think there ever was a buy low window. We’ve seen this exact type of “down year” from Mookie. Nothing was broken or wrong or injured. He was just playing to his floor instead of last season’s ceiling