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  1. Lmao this a** clown thinks he can shoot above 40% when he's shot above league average in only one season 😂
  2. Can you take some pictures next time you see these flock of Canadians that cross the border? Do they perform a flying V in the sky?
  3. I started my playoffs this week and I'll be dropping him on Monday
  4. We know how the second half of his career will play out, it's happening right now - trash. People actually believed Dray was a top 10 player at one point which is laughable. His reputation is based purely on playing alongside Curry, Klay and KD. He wouldn't have the luxury of flipping off refs if he didn't play with those players. Imagine him being drafted by the Knicks and trying to pull all the antics he does 😂 Man is a front runner plain and simple and had to recruit KD to get 2 more championships.
  5. Gotta see how the minute distribution is next game before considering dropping. Too valuable in punt PTs/FT% builds
  6. F this fake injured clown who owes all his pay cheques to Steph & Klay. It would actually be a travesty if bum juice made the HOF. Yeah I'm upset.
  7. He decided he wanted to block shots instead
  8. B2b solid games and the minutes are there and Holmes isn't coming back any time soon. Worth a flier fellas
  9. Hopefully it was diarrhea or something
  10. https://basketballmonster.com/ScheduleGrid.aspx