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  1. Also interested, prefer slow draft on yahoo, but open to other sites. sorry to piggyback.
  2. Still looking, but nothing so far. 👏
  3. I am looking for a Startup yahoo keeper or dynasty, money league ($10-$20) payable thru yahoo, (have money in yahoo wallet, and wanting to use it up.) Cats preferred, no Roto. Also prefer Slow draft. I was going to just start one but I ran leagues for 20 years, and not interested in running one. 👋
  4. Just joined, looks like a good crew. need a few more great members. Thanks.
  5. Looking for a startup league slow draft on yahoo, payable thru yahoo, ($10 to $20). Preferably cats league, also prefer Dynasty type league.
  6. I am very interested is draft slow draft this year, is Faab going to be used during the season?