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  1. Never been projected to get a lot of stocks despite his length and fundamental defensive ability. He fell far in dynasty drafts because of it. Watching the games you can see he is a good defender and needed on the floor for team fit but doesn't make the splash plays for fantasy production. Hoping he develops that long term but wouldn't wait for that in standard leagues.
  2. Dropping this guy? There's gotta be someone else on your roster you can drop. The lack of minutes/stats is concerning but its only been 4 games. 29 years old, returning from injury, same team, and a long history of strong per game stats. Shouldn't be falling off a cliff stats wise. Looks more like a buy low but great if you can get someone like Morant for him. Many also seemed to be in a panic on Mike Conley until last night and Conley is 2 years older and on a new team.
  3. Usage bump/ more minutes off the bench tonight with Kawhii getting his rest in early? Only 4 games but averaging 20+ppg so far. Not a football type handcuff but he has standalone value and then pairing him with Kawhii/PG13 helps ease the pain a bit on the load management days and injuries.
  4. This guy has always been a low usage player so not sure what people were expecting. Different style than Barton even though they play the same position and can eat into each others minutes. That top 50 season in 17-18 may have been an outlier/career best. Last year .425, 3 years before .485/.502/.469 - can he at least get to .469 again? Last year 1.0 steals, 3 years before 1.8/1.2/1.3 - can he at least get to 1.2? The high FG% with 3's/steals is not that common. If he doesn't get his FG% and steals back up to at least those levels, then yes he is just another guy. Both numbers seem reasonable if he gets minutes.Other concern is he misses games 57,67,57,76 games last 4 years.
  5. Increases in stocks, 3's and now assists. Been so dominant tonight he may not get enough minutes for the triple double due to the blowout.
  6. Before the 49ers game, I thought this guy was plug and play matchup proof (at least some garbage time stats in the worst case). Takes a lot of faith to believe Mayfield will be much different against the Patriots after their pass rush had Darnold seeing ghosts. I mean it could happen with his talent so his ceiling is still high but now his floor is very low too. Depends who you bench him for.
  7. A lot of the shots he missed were at the rim and/or on put back offensive rebounds. Lowered his FG% and inflated his rebs. His shooting will drop this year but not like tonight. He doesn't get a lot of stocks despite his length.
  8. Initial exams show sprain so that is a good sign. MRI results will be the last step to make sure he won't miss multiple regular season games to start the season. If the MRI is clean, I wouldn't change where you draft him. I think its just the frustration with AD. When you draft him, you know the locker room visits will come with him. He will also miss more games than the average 26 year old NBA player. The key is to avoid any serious injuries and play in the fantasy playoffs.
  9. So you wait until Sun night /Mon night games - 4 options for kickers. All 4 kickers could be taken but I guess likely there would be at least 1 or 2 available - although could be options that lose you a few points. What about other players on your roster and your opponents roster in Sun/Mon games? A lot of the big names play in those prime time games so there could be players on both sides in those games. A lot of variability in fantasy with players still on the board - see Will Fuller/Aaron Jones and Mike Evans/OBJ last week. Much different scores than the projections. I could see it on Monday night when more stuff is set but then you only have 2 kickers to choose from and they could be taken. Still can be a useful strategy depending on league rules/setup but there are other variables that have to be accounted for.
  10. This guy seems to be made of glass. Step 1 for him is being healthy and a nice bye week fill in. He should produce IF he can stay on the field.