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  1. The White and Edelman combo is paying off in PPR!!
  2. Ehh as White and Edelman owner, I think 10 targets for both players is plenty. You're just greedy.
  3. Murray has a super nice matchup against CIN, remove Juju
  4. Agreed with Collins, hes unbenchable right now. I have him and Ingram starting but I can't figure out if I want L Murray or Burkhead in my flex (also have Lynch). ?
  5. Thanks. I think I'm locked in on Ingram and Collins. Only reason I consider Lynch is because his usage has been up lately. SO has Murray but hes has been averaging like 2 YPC although has good matchup against CIN. Collins is hot so I want to start him somewhere. And Burkhead... I mean he has 5 Tds in 3 games but that carousel of RBs in NE has me nervous. He barely played in the 2nd half against MIA.
  6. I would start Perine, crapshoot between Anderson and Stewart. Steward might have better chance at TD. Rest looks ok to me, I wouldn't go after Forbath. Butker did great last week I'd stick with him.
  7. My keeper for 2 years in a row, I've started him every week and somehow im in the semis. I have no one else (Paul Richardson? lol)
  8. He's been on my bench in my PPR league along with L Murray, I can't sit him after what he did this week. Have to choose between: Ingram, Lynch, Burkhead, Collins and Murray. What. do. I. do.
  9. Need Burkhead to ourscore NE DEF by 13 in 1PPR. I should be good.... right?????
  10. Carr and Williams (if he has backfield to himself)