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  1. Good to see him finally get PF!!!! Think I sent 5 emails LOL
  2. Yeah know clue why they haven't updated it or spoke about it.
  3. At what point does he start. Saric is done and both the last 2 games they have fallen behind by a decent amount with the Ayton/Baynes big lineup. Guess only benfit is maybe Ayton gets PF status fantasy wise.
  4. Isaac was a big loss so I am looking to add some depth in a deep 12 team league 48-51 and only 1 back of the final playoff spot and 10 out of first so a really close race Would be sending out Booker for Rozier/LeVert or the other option would be to add guys like Conley, N. Powell, THJ when they get back. Thanks signature below.
  5. The quote is a suprise from him as he has been hell bent on making the playoffs to sell tickets.... treadmill
  6. The treadmill is what the Pistons have been on for years refusing a rebuild and trying to sell the fans the 7th or 8th seed is a good thing.
  7. Best news you can hear from old T shirt Tommy. Dude loves the treadmill of mediocrity.
  8. Yeah Christie is a solid announcer too. Use to love Jerry Reynolds.
  9. This doesn't have to do with Holmes But am I wrong thinking the Kings play by play guy Grant Napear is one of the best around? Sorry again I know it's not fantasy related.
  10. Yes and an uncharacteristic 6 TOs. He checked back in too
  11. He went 4-4 from the field, had 5 rebs, 2 stls, and a blk in 22 min of a blow out. He may see more touches with the 2nd unit and Giles/Dedmon aren't even playing. Maybe a shallow league drop but a strong hold in deep leagues.