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  1. I feel like this season is done. Focus on staying safe everyone.
  2. No you just can't see any doctor and have your insurance cover some costs. There are in network doctors/anesthesiologist/surgeons and out of network ones. Prices vary wildly bases on your employers contract with insurance companies, and insurance companies settlements with doctors and hospitals. For example I pay 400 a pamonth for my wife and I, my company pays something, and I still have co-pays and other costs if the insurance doesn't cover everything. There are deductibles (how much you pay before health insurance starts to pay) and out of pocket max costs (how much you can pay in a year before your insurance covers all costs). There are great plans where the employer fronts a ton of costs, and then there are crap plans where they don't. You can also get your own insurance from insurance companies, but it's very costly. If you don't have insurance you can go whenever you want if you can afford it (no one but rich people can).
  3. The thing about the US is we pay taxes but don't know what we're getting for it. How much is going to roads versus military R&D projects. We pay some taxes but get very limited welfare for hard times. Like with Medicare/Medicaid/SS, Universal healthcare is something that we know what we're getting for our taxes.
  4. This is already happening here in prep for the volume increases. Hospitals are doing many various things to prepare such as only seeing people who need emergency help, and doing "drive-through" testing where if you think you're infected, you don't even see the doc. They swab you from your car and tell you to go home and await the test results. You think that there's unlimited healthcare workers, doctors, beds and equipment because we have a private system, but there isn't. We spend so much money on healthcare because of the middlemen, administraton and insurance.
  5. Show me a single country with the money the US has.
  6. You know what's the funniest thing about people comparing Corona to the flu? Because the Flu + Corona means that hospitals are gonna struggle. They will be overload and those with money will reap the rewards first.
  7. Need the best pick. Pts are important too. 12 team 9 cat roto
  8. Google Oregon Corona. It's at the beginning stages here, and isn't getting stopped. I'll be getting it at some point which is fine but, it's gonna spread everywhere.
  9. You have no idea what you're talking about. You have no idea what your argument is.
  10. You don't like statistics. You are a cherry picker. If you liked statistics you would have laid out the situation with the Corona virus. But you didn't. You only talked about one side of the equation. That's not basing your opinion on statistics, that's cherrypicking to win an argument. Luckily others brought Corona statistics.
  11. I'm dropping for hachimura, I need boards
  12. Oh well guess I won't hold Nurkic anymore