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  1. I wouldn't give up Mostert for AJ Brown. I think Brown is too hit or miss depending on game script while the Niners love to rush the ball. I do believe Thielen would be much better in return, but I still like keeping Mostert. Again, with the Niners and their love of rushing the ball, you have a valuable player for your roster. Stay put with Mostert. Thanks for the help.
  2. I'd do the trade. Hopefully you can wait till after this weekend. Use Mattison, then trade for Fuller. Mattison will also go on bye next week rendering him useless. Your WR looks pretty good with the addition of Fuller. Thanks for the help on mines.
  3. Trying to decide who to keep rest of season. My current backs are: Cook, Mattison, Drake, Gibson and Mike Davis. Moss: splits with Singletary, Allen usually vultures TDs plus the Bills have a pretty tough schedule down the road vs rushing D. Akers: splits with an even more crowded Brown/Henderson. Schedule seems ok. Thanks in advance. WHIR. Please leave a link
  4. Definitely go with Kelley. Bell is coming off an injury so he may not be 100%. Thanks for your help.
  5. I also think you should stay put. Adams is quite the WR , but you're 4-0 so there's no reason to break up what's working! Thanks for your help.
  6. I like Ceedee thanks to the high powered Dallas offense. I also like Diontae who seems to have stepped up as a Big Ben favorite. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hey all, In a PPR league. Trying to decide between starting Drake or Gibson for my flex spot. Drake vs Jets: He hasn't really done much. But its against the Jets who i assume they should be able to take the lead on. Good game script for Drake. Gibson vs Rams: Harder opponent but Gibson has shown to have pass catching plays as well. Thanks in advance. Please leave a link.
  8. So glad i swooped in on Pressly when the previous owner gave up on him. Even with his early struggles, he just looked like the guy to own in Houston when Osuna was done.
  9. The one closer I decided to draft was Neris and now he's on his way out of a closer job, if not already. Is there any reason to still hold him or am i better suited on taking a chance at a potential committee guy who might win a job?
  10. So let me get this straight. Mack and the running game is working (just ran 30yds last play) but lets go back to 3 passing plays which hasn't been successful so we can punt it back? My do we NOT have NFL coaching jobs and they do.
  11. Started on their own 14 and went with 6 straight passing plays. Da heck play calling is that?
  12. Down in their own end and the Colts pass 4 times? They know they can use Mack right? Make that 5.