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  1. He had two-thirds of the carries and half of RB targets last week. Anyway, positive game script is not just volume but also enhanced TD likelihood. Just bc he didn't find the endzone vs Jags (sample size alert) doesn't mean he won't next time with that volume.
  2. He's a 3 down back who would benefit from better field position. Negative game scripts have not been very beneficial for him.
  3. I like Mami's chances of a positive game script this week. Dolphins have had a brutal QB schedule thus far (Cam, Allen, Russ). Meanwhile 49ers have been mediocre vs a poor schedule. I'm probably going to fire up Gaskin over Kelley this week in standard if Miami secondary is reasonably healthy.
  4. Ravens made the wholesale change to Ljax and Gus the Bus 2 seasons ago immediately after their bye. If Dobbins gets an increase in usage (injuries not withstanding) it's probably then (week 8).
  5. This reminds me of Royce Freeman/Philip Lindsey a couple of years ago. Glad I'm not on the Royce side this time around. Worst case scenario Akers causes Hendo to lose 3-4 carries per game when he's healthy.
  6. Just stumbled upon this tweet from last year. A lot has happened since then obviously but it would appear Mcvay believes in this kid.
  7. Akers is out but Malcolm Brown is back practicing in full. Who's rolling with this guy? I'm tempted but will likely flex Kelley instead.
  8. I did not. No starting center or Chark made this a stay away for me.
  9. I'm starting Cole over Golladay unless Westbrook suits up. He's got another good matchup in the slot this week. The ultimate post-hype sleeper.
  10. This guy looks far and away more dynamic than Brown or Akers. Rams have the best offense of all this week's waiver wire RBs. Henderson has the greatest likelihood to be the guy who sticks in lineups beyond a couple of weeks not including Kelley.
  11. Nice stat line, glad I scooped yesterday. Anyone watch the game? Akers looked bad last week then got hurt. Brown is not their long term answer and got out touched today.
  12. Good snap % and 10th highest RB PFF grade week one(up there with some pretty big names). He ran 22 routes which was 11th among RBs in week 1.
  13. Will depend on game script of course but 50/50 split this year is likely IMO