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  1. Ibaka due to his OKC years. Three nine-cat first-round finishes in a row with only three games missed over those three years. Not too many players can match that. Plus another top-20 finish and a handful of mid-round years.
  2. Sato in both comparisons. I don't think Kennard has much upside since he doesn't do anything outside of points and threes. His role isn't any safer than Sato's either with Rose there. I'm not too interested in rookie wings, especially ones that won't do anything on the defensive end like Herro. There's a good chance his minutes are low early on too and whenever Jimmy is healthy. Norm looks great so far, but I don't think he'll do enough outside of the scoring cats to be more than late round. He's going to be pretty useless on nights where his shot isn't falling. Caruso is just a watch list guy. I don't trust the Lakers to do the right thing with Rondo.
  3. I prefer Culver. O.G. has been a weak per-minute player so far. Culver isn't going to be great either due to his jumper, but everything else should be solid.
  4. Give me Vuc as well. He's probably not repeating last year, but barring injuries, he's going to be within $10 of Jrue.
  5. Harden/Brook for me and it's not super close. Get those GP.
  6. Dominate at least one percentage (ideally both) and be at least decent in Turnovers. If you're strong in those 3 cats, you are much less vulnerable to a bad schedule. That strategy saved me in the first-round last year. Due to injuries I ended up with 36 games, but I still won.
  7. It's a combination of Zubac being moved/Chandler having his minutes cut and JaVale getting over pneumonia. Also, LBJ going down at the end of December really hurt him. He's been fine without LeBron lately, but at the beginning of the year he was super dependent on Bron. On the year, McGee is shooting 67% with Bron on the floor and 57% when Bron is on the bench.
  8. I needed FG% and steals tonight and this beautiful round man goes out and manages 9/10 in the first half with a couple of steals. I will miss those beautiful dimes and FT% from the C spot. Not all first-round picks are fun/enjoyable to own, but Big Honey sure is.
  9. Main League - 12 Teams/Punt Threes Started as a punt blocks team but I realized a couple weeks in that my blocks were decent and that threes were going to be a battle so I turned it into a hard punt threes team. Somehow didn't get a bye despite going 15-4-1 in the regular season. Another team had two 9-0s and a 8-0 and I had two weeks in January where I was down (not an exaggeration) 7-8 players. The playoff squad looked like this: Jokic, Jimmy, Love, Sato, Payton, Harrell, Cousins, Shai, Elfrid, Harkless + streamers Somehow won despite my 3rd-to-7th round picks being Love, Wall (thought the hate went too far and I got a huge steal...nope), Kanter, Teague, and Evans (my fault). My next two picks were Nance and Cousins so I'm pretty blown away that I made it this far. I got saved by my team building being extremely strong this year. I also won the first round despite only having 35 games due to injuries and forced sits to win turnovers. Every one of my playoff matchups came down to the second half of Sunday. What a year. I never want to experience that again. 16 Team League/Punt Dimes Had a great start to the draft with Kawhi/Jimmy/Ayton/Whiteside/Buddy and rolled through the year. Lamb and Gay later didn't hurt either and Mitch Rob and Powell stashes that hit were massive. One thing I like about playing in deeper leagues is that it makes stashing much more viable since the bottom of the roster guys on your opponents' teams aren't very good. I stashed Powell and Mitch really, really early and they weren't fun for a bit but once they hit, the league was done. Final team: Kawhi, Jimmy, Capela (traded Whiteside, Ross, and Zeller for Capela shortly after he broke his hand), Sato, Bog Bog, Mitch Rob, Powell, Gay, Lamb, Ayton + streamers A nice balance to my 12-team league. Everything went wrong there, everything went right here.
  10. I'm probably going to win a 16-teamer despite starting Kawhi/Jimmy. Some rough early weeks but it's been manageable for the most part. Two-to-three games a week isn't ideal but he hasn't had any extended stretches on the sidelines like LeBron and Steph have. Those are what can really kill you. Punt Assists with Leonard is pretty nasty on a per game basis so that helps make up for the missed games too.
  11. Schroder was picked up 11 times in my main league. Hey Schroder could be nice for a handful points and assi...oh no. No. Stop that. Drop.
  12. Being strong in at least one percentage (preferably two if not punting FG or FT) is an absolutely massive advantage and is better than being strong in a counting stat. It's harder for the schedule/injuries to kill you. I had 35 games in my first-round matchup (opponent had 44) and I made it through because my punt blocks team is dominant in FG and very good in FT. The same thing is happening this week. Also, pay attention to turnovers. You don't have to be great in turnovers but a full-out punt of TOs is a bad idea. If you punt TOs you're likely still going to lose TOs during weeks where you're getting crushed by injuries. Injuries without a TO win is basically death in the playoffs.
  13. He'll still be a drag but the last couple games just seems like unfortunate variance. He's over 40% in games he's started. I'm not too worried.
  14. There are duds, and then there is what he did tonight. I'm sure he ended a lot of owners' seasons tonight. Still a great play going forward though. I'm pretty sure Teague is done. Jones has been around 7 APG as a starter so 7 dimes with 1.5 steals feels very reasonable going forward. He's a low turnover guy too.