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  1. Wow, didn’t even notice he has 3 straight double doubles. From a 2 guard, add in those stocks, my goodness. Kid is a beast.
  2. Oof. Man, I hope He plays tomorrow. Good game though.
  3. Same here own both. Well, Game just went to OT so hoping for more stats to salvage this otherwise disappointing line.
  4. What do we think of him ROS? Will Coby White eventually take away some of his minutes 2nd half? Thinking of trading for him as an add on in a 2 for 1 deal.
  5. I’m picking between Nurk or Otto to stash in my IR in a couple of weeks. Itching for some news.
  6. Dude’s been a machine since coming back!
  7. WOOOW. What a beastly stat line! And coming from a guard! Holy moly. Drugtest coming tomorrow probably? Lol.
  8. Stocks been showing up lately. Hope he can keep it up!
  9. Call the police. There’s a thief on the loose.
  10. Kinda bummed that Winslow is back. I hope the DJJ show can go on. He’s been a perfect end of bench guy for my team.
  11. Yeah well not all play on standard 10-12-14 team leagues. I needed a boost in 3’s incase Beal sits and He did. Clearly it didnt work out but hey.
  12. Should’ve just stayed away from streaming Garrett Temple today. F*** Disgusting!