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  1. That's the only reason I'm not shopping him. If he isn't traded he's a massive shutdown target.
  2. The most likely path to minutes would be a Malik Beasley trade followed by the inevitable Gary Harris injury.
  3. I dropped him. Unfortunate considering the draft pick, but it's a sunk cost fallacy to hold onto him just because you drafted high if you think he's going to tank you come fantasy playoffs time (which he will).
  4. Maybe Jokic could log on and give us his opinion. Probably tested most of the national chains over the past couple weeks.
  5. If you have a stream spot or someone who is borderline rosterable, no reason not to take a chance on him considering the possibility. However, I don't necessarily see what the hype is about.
  6. In the last 3 games he had when healthy he averaged 14/14/3/1.3/1. If you have someone on the waiver wire who has that potential right now let us know.
  7. I think the former was kind of expected with them getting Lonzo.
  8. Same. A shallow double double with some assists in a 1-1-1 would fit where I got him in the 4th.
  9. 5 personal fouls last game, so 21 then 17 minutes respectively.
  10. He played for 16 minutes in a blowout loss.
  11. Having the same issue. I don't do waivers often so thought there was just a built in delay or something.
  12. Your options right now are to either sell at his lowest value possible or wait and see if he turns it around. I'm going with the latter. Then it's just a matter of unloading if you don't think he can maintain, which he has shown isn't the case in the past. Then if you're just worried about what you do next year, don't draft someone who is famously a player who doesn't tie it together until later in the season. Definition of insanity is...
  13. I think running non-stop for 35 minutes every night is going to help with that.
  14. I like his game but don't see him getting enough play when Blake, R Jax, and Rose are healthy.
  15. His per 36 right now is 19.6 pts, 11.5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2.2 steals, 1 block without hurting you (no 3s obviously). Any chance this guy gets some real burn this year? Dude his solid in the pick and roll, is a good defender, and is only making like a million this year. Definitely has an incentive to play all out vs others.