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  1. I might consider dropping Beasley for him just based on the fact that you're in a points league. I think Dedmon provides a safer floor as a double double threat with stocks, but Beasley can probably get around the same average with scoring and a handful of boards/assists. Beasley also has a higher ceiling but his main value as a three point shooter tends to get negated in points leagues.
  2. If you can hold onto Bagley for longer, I think he's still worth a stash until there's clearer info on his status. Not a big fan of Otto Porter Jr. this year tbh. I would also drop Crowder for Dedmon. Jae has his hot streaks, but Dedmon is a great handcuff for Capela and should provide you stable weekly value in rebounds and stocks for as long as he is out, which will strengthen your frontcourt.
  3. Yeah, I think Dedmon is the better choice here because of the stocks as you said and the potential for Capela to sit out the year.
  4. Dedmon gives you the higher floor especially in a points league, but the ceiling is limited with Collins and a potential Capela return. With KAT out, I could see Beasley taking on a larger share of the offense, but feel like he's better in category formats because of the large volume of 3's. His rebound/assist/stock numbers will prob vary more game to game. Because of that, I might lean Dedmon in a points league.
  5. Depends on the makeup of the rest of your team. Is there anyone else you could drop? Barton should be back soon whereas Curry's earliest possible return is March 1st. If you can stomach having two roster spots basically contributing nothing for the next few weeks i would go for it, but if you're in win now mode and can't make the sacrifice I'd try to hold off a little longer. IMO Curry is def worth it though.
  6. Definitely intriguing, but I think Bridges is probably the more versatile piece right now and I would continue to hold.
  7. Guessing this is a dynasty/keeper league? If so, I think Porzingis makes the most sense as a long-term play here, plus he helps you with 3's and blocks as you stated. Sabonis is probably the best all-around player, but if you're punting assists not sure how useful he is to you without the defensive numbers. Whiteside is having a great bounce back year, but worry about his role if/when Nurkic returns this year.
  8. Think Clarke provides the highest upside out of the 3. Nance and Dedmon both have more competition in the frontcourt, Grizz will be motivated to give minutes to Clarke down the season. Only thing that concerns me is Memphis has the most difficult schedule down the stretch. I would also hold onto Chriss.
  9. I think it might help to know who's on your roster, but on the surface this seems like a pretty good deal. Lot of uncertainty around KAT's injury, and I think both guys are of comparable value.
  10. Do you have an IR spot in your league? I think all 3 guys can be pretty inconsistent, but I would try to throw Clarke out there first. Still a rookie, and Memphis has the most difficult schedule down the stretch. I would try to aim for a 1 for 1 deal first, as I'm not sure I would trade any combo of those guys until we have more concrete info on either of their health issues.
  11. I think I'd probably stick with the AG side since %s are irrelevant like you said. I still like his ceiling with no Isaac in the lineup and J-Rich can be a little inconsistent from game to game as his role fluctuates on the team. The biggest reason why you do this is if you think R.J. has a strong second half of the season.
  12. Wendell Carter Jr. is supposed to make a comeback this week and I'm trying to figure out if there's anybody on my roster worth dropping for him. Roster and league info below: 10 Team, Points, H2H: PG - Ricky Rubio, SG - Donovan Mitchell, G - Mike Conley, SF - Jaylen Brown, PF - John Collins, F - Julius Randle, C - Joel Embiid, C - Andre Drummond, UTIL - Devonte Graham, UTIL - Domantas Sabonis, BN - Mitchell Robinson, Terry Rozier, Kevin Huerter, Tomas Satoransky, ; IR - Marvin Bagley, R.J. Barrett Since R.J. Barrett is healthy now, he would have to get dropped from my IR spot as well as one of Robinson, Huerter or Satoransky. Just want to make sure it's worth letting go of two players since I'm already really loaded at center. Because I'm in a points league though, guys who are double double threats like Carter have a much higher floor than most other players. Robinson seems like the most logical choice since I'm basically swapping one big for another, and I would have to drop one of these players if I plan to activate R.J. at any point.
  13. Nah, the wire is pretty dry in that league. A few guys hoarded all the bigs on draft night but refuse to make any trades that aren't completely lopsided (you should see the ones I tried to veto) so everyone's been snatching up all the hot pickups. Plus the weekly transaction limit of 2 kind of limits when you can strike on those guy too if you've already made moves for the week. Guys remaining out there are all mostly streaming options (Zeller, Poeltl, Bamba, etc.).
  14. I think Tim Hardaway Jr. is the most expendable here. Huerter has been great for Atlanta and want to see what Morris does for the Clippers for a few more games before dropping him.