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  1. Looked like Carson got hurt on the last play he was in a few series ago. He took himself out and didn't look right. Penny has been in ever since.
  2. Didn't see the game Jalen Ramsey blanket, or?
  3. Need Hopkins to outscore Forbath for 3rd place. No bonus for FG yardage.
  4. Rolling Waller over him, can't risk a quick hook, decoy, or early re-injury.
  5. Derrick Henry is working his way up the list...
  6. All that tells me is to buckle up for the next few weeks. If you lasted into the playoffs dragging Kamara with, you will be rewarded spectacularly. Hopefully you have him paired with a guy like Henry, no one will stand a chance. League winner, as long as you got there without much help from him.
  7. I don't have many options with bye weeks,so starting him with the hope he can get 70 yds and a decent shot at a TD. He won me a week I shouldn't have last week. Plugging him in and hoping for the best. Gotta be a better stab than AJ Brown was for me last week.
  8. Yeah, there are a solid 4, maybe 5 from that list that I wouldn't pick over Henry at this point. If he finishes strong, Henry will be at least a back end round 1 pick next year.