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  1. Anyone have confidence to start him this week? I may have to.
  2. Gus Edwards? Or only more for Ingram handcuff?
  3. I just traded for Ingram, does edwards normally get more red zone series? Anyways good game against the number 1 defense, but could have had a monster day.
  4. What are your other backs? If you're looking good and playoff bound then yes, gordon will be taking more touches. If you need wins now then no, Johnsons schedule is brutal next 4 weeks then BYE.
  5. I agree with Bandito, and if thats AJ green then def drop fitz for him.
  6. Edmonds, Brown, OBJ, sutton and cooks for me.
  7. Doubtful he would do both but Ive seen crazier trades accepted. I would start with the 1 for 1
  8. I do think stills has some upside but I would try to get his sanders first but might need a couple weeks to start producing. You're 6-1 so not a problem. Fuller will be coming back at some point.
  9. I'd stay put and continue monitoring. See how the lions offense turns out without johnson and if hock gets some healthy targets. I agree with Goedert, his upside seems to be the highest.
  10. This leaves you a little thin at RB depth. I want nothing to do with AP. Otherwise its good for you, I would counter by dropping Singletary and AP from the trade. Good luck.
  11. I would go boyd despite the tougher match-up. He'll most likely be getting more targets.
  12. I would. The upgrades at other positioning make the hit at RB worth it. And Jacobs is banged up right now and could possibly be worse than what the team is leading on.