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  1. As said previously its a hit short-term but you upgrade your RB and major upgrade for TE while major downgrade for WR. I like your WR depth to where it still makes sense though. I'd make the trade.
  2. I dont quite trust miller yet and hes on the injury report today. Id go Higgins.
  3. I like the trade for you, you have the depth at both positions to make it work. Thomas just needs to pull it together. Thanks for your help.
  4. Both with great matchups. I think Tannehill gets the slight edge for me. I dont think you could go wrong either way.
  5. 12 team 0.5 PPR- 1 player Keeper League currently 4-3 record. Thinking I should pull the trigger and stop with QB roulette. Best QBs available on the wire are Goff, Garopollo, Cousins, Foles... My team is below. This is also a keeper league Jackson can be kept in the 7th. QB Teddy RB Conner, Gaskin, Chase Edmonds, Carson, Leveon, Damien Harris, Perine WR: Aj Brown, Claypool, M Thomas, Metcalf, Slayton, Brandin Cooks Te Waller WHIR
  6. I would scrap the trade and pickup Minshew, chargers give it up to Qbs. then Bridgewater second
  7. I would go Woods and murray. Depending on how Jonnu looks this week with practice reports I would consider him over murray.
  8. Higgins, Patrick, Fulgham and Kirk for me. I agree with the others, look to trade gaskins or Robinson to upgrade
  9. You need wins now and sanders will be out acouple weeks. Hill is a major upgrade over OBJ though and could make up for it until hes back. If you can get a decent QB off the wire or swing a trade for a QB I would do this.
  10. I like my depth right now but seems like a good offer? Dont know if I really need to do this though. My team RB Conner, Gaskin, Chase Edmonds, Carson, Leveon, Damien Harris WR: Aj Brown, Claypool, M Thomas, Metcalf, Slayton, Brandin Cooks WHIR
  11. With the Rams and 49s looking more like a shootout than giants/WFT Id go Woods over McLaurin
  12. If you can wait on Chubb I want that side, best player in the trade. If you need wins now then henderson