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  1. **** the bed. Every year, **** the bed. Always projected to win, then proceed to get spanked. Stupid.
  2. Seriously, this **** is mind boggling. Talking about shitting the bed at the WORST possible time. Never again. Never.
  3. Seattle can make even the best looking paper games a low point grind. So damn annoying.
  4. Yep. lineup is good, except play colts. good luck!
  5. Winston man. He’s just a points monster. Winston is your ceiling play if you need it, and Mahomes is your floor play, if you have a really strong team and can play it safer. winston is playing well, so I’d probably just go with him regardless.
  6. I’d go Edelman and Shepard for the safe bet, or Perriman and Shepard if you need to take a risk for a higher ceiling. Good luck! help!?
  7. Points per touch league! Hyde got me 45 points last week. White only scored 19. Hyde apparently has a nagging ankle. what would you do!? leave a link and I’ll help you.
  8. Anyone rolling Hyde out in the Championship????????
  9. He’s was still down 10 pounds from the flu Sunday. He was sick, and not recovered. Not to mention he was injured before that. Give us one more boom Tyler, and I’ll be a proud owner! All damn year too.
  10. Need Wilson to return to early-mid season form for a Championship run otherwise we’re all most likely screwed. Takes big performances to win FF. Show up man. Audible s--- plays if that’s what it takes to win in real life...too...not just FF
  11. Yeah I was wrong, Tried positive vibes. Fail