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  1. For what it's worth, Shams says this clown is "hopeful" to return on Wednesday vs. pistons. -Edit- never mind, I saw the article yesterday when setting my line up. didn't realize it was reported before the weekend.
  2. Did the exact thing. Doesn’t feel right, but had enough. He is pretty much impossible to use in my weekly H2H.
  3. I was looking at the playoff schedule today and got a bit freaked out since Philly plays only 2 games week 21. I drafted Embiid and Harris. Not sure how I feel about it.
  4. Hi all, Got offered Dinwiddie for Murray. On the fence on this and can make a case for either. In a vacuum, what would you do? Thanks!
  5. I know right? Maddeningly inconsistent. I couldn't handle it anymore.
  6. While I am not dropping, I do have to consider which other player to drop when I take him off the IR. Tough decision when that stream spot is performing (e.g., pat bev).
  7. Dropped Ty Lawson in my weekly for him. I was too guard heavy. Hopefully this pans out!