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  1. does he play w kornet back and now deandre jordan
  2. Fizdale clearly doesnt like Kanter and prob will mess w his minutes.
  3. id say depends what you need but v slight edge to mikal
  4. He's gonna get close to where people's draft day expectations were but it'll be middle/ end of next season
  5. totally convinced this guy is gonna be a beast in years ahead but think we've seen most of what we will see of him this year. Second half he gets a bit better but I don't see him tearing it up. What makes him good (playing under control) is also his weakness from a production standpoint.
  6. They could make him 4th option and play him 15 min a game and hed still score 20 pts/game. Hes a freakin cockroach. Cant make him go away
  7. Dont understand why Spo doesnt unleash this guy. will open up their spacing if hes more of a threat down low
  8. Hes the only two way guy in frontcourt. Need to weather Fiz theres too much upside