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  1. I wonder if the Jets owner is going to stick to his mid-November comments of Gase being back next season. If so, it looks like Jet's fans only hope is that Gase does something off the field (domestic abuse, racist comments, etc...) to get fired because he really can't do any worse with what's happening on the field. Tannehill majorly regressed under Gase in MIA and is now flourishing in TEN. Devante Parker having a career year in MIA with Gase gone. I'm not sure what else needs to be seen at this point to confirm that this guy is the absolute worst...
  2. If there was ever a chance for this guy to have a blow-up game in 2019, it would seem to be this week vs.TB, the most fantasy friendly team to WR's. Plus, you figure NO should be fired up and ready to do some offensive damage after getting embarrassed at home last week against ATL. Also, apparently Smith actually outsnapped Ginn last week 57 to 48. Good guy to take a flier on this week if you are in a bye week or injury bind at WR or FLEX.
  3. Just nauseating to watch this team. From the play-calling/coaching, to Baker's massive regression, to the defense not tackling - just a disaster on every level. Why not fire Freddie Kitchens now (instead of waiting after the season) to see if Monken can do something with this offense, which has a bunch of very talented pieces in place.
  4. I'm not exactly sure how the comp picks work but is it possible that the Bengals want to hold Green and let him walk after the season because they will get a higher comp pick than the pick that a team will offer for AJ now? If not, with this Dalton benching news, it makes zero sense to hold onto AJ...
  5. Nice last game but good luck to him holding up all season. Napier makes a nice handcuff and is producing decent stand alone value as is in his current 20 MPG.
  6. Did Haskins complete even 1 pass to a WR last night? I don't recall one, during an entire half of play. This guy is beyond pathetic. Jay Gruden will get another job next season just based on the fact that he was pushing the Redskins organization not to take Haskins...
  7. Great all around line last night. The huge PTS and 3PM games will be coming. If he can keep-up these types of AST/REB/STL #'s, then LaVine's in for a big fantasy year.
  8. What a disaster.... After the Falcons gets smoked at home vs SEA this Sun, Dan Quinn will almost certainly be fired next Monday as ATL heads into their week 9 bye. Look for Raheem Morris or Mularkey to be the interim HC because Arthur Blank can't in his right mind think naming Koetter to that position is a good idea. What a terrible hire by Quinn...Koetter's ATL offense has been atrocious, making Sarkasian look like an offensive wizard. Actually, maybe just keep these coaches employed until the end of this year to guarantee a top 5 draft pick and then clean house.
  9. Fire him up!!! Seriously though with a solid group of WR on bye and other WR injuries, Commandant Lazard a great option this week!
  10. With Davante out this week, anyone out there firing up Geronimo for Week 5 vs DAL? Between injuries and byes, there's definitely worse options out there.
  11. The FA signings were perplexing and discouraging for Mitchell's fantasy prospects for sure (Portis, Randle, Taj, MMorris). There's a lot of possible small ball line-ups where Mitchell can be left out. Who here trusts Fizdale and the Knicks to do the right thing here? Plus, he's had knee soreness and issues this offseason. Love the talent and block potential but hate the situation heading into the season.
  12. One of the most fantasy unfriendly games around. Team crippling, horrific FG% with very low AST and terrible STL and BLK's. Young player (just turned 20) that can certainly improve but his best position seems to be PF and the Knicks loaded up there this offseason with JRandle, Taj, MMorris. Not seeing it at all this year - wasted fantasy pick
  13. Only 22 (in March) and entering his 4th NBA season. LAC signed him to a 4 year $28M contract and there's no depth at C beyond him and Harrell. His 2018-19 per 36 #'s are good (top 75 in both 8 and 9 cat). Very good %'s that have been trending up. All he needs is minutes to pick-up the counting stats. Intriguing guy to monitor in the preseason and potentially worth a last rd pick or $1 auction flyer.