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  1. Actually a pretty solid sleeper at TE. Witten gone and he has a good rapport with Dak. Had the blow-up 3 TD game the last game of the 2018 season. Probably better for best ball because there will likely be some dud weeks with all the mouths to feed in DAL but he should have some strong weeks as there will be nice match-ups (single-covered by LB's) as opposing defenses will not be focusing to stop him.
  2. Fuller with Watson has been borderline dominant when on the field. Say what you want about Cooks but he's a very solid WR and will keep defenses from completely focusing on Fuller. The loss of Hopkins and his 150 targets is huge and Fuller has the longest rapport with Watson. Also, HOU Oline has been a punching bag and dreadful for years but they made a nice improvement last year (per PFF - up from #31 in 2018 to #20 in 2019). The team has put a lot of capital into this O-line too. Obviously LT Tunsil is their key lineman but they also have 2019 1st rd pick RT THoward & 2nd rd pick G MScharping. C NMartin & G ZFulton bring continuity and have shown improvement too. If this group can make another leap, this would be huge for DWatson and the receivers. More time protected will lead to bigger and more consistent pass plays. Obviously injuries are the issue with Fuller and there's no denying he's a big risk for fantasy. However, IMO the rewards (top 10 fantasy WR) outweigh the risk for me and I will be targeting him (and crossing my fingers) for 2020.
  3. The Giants have sunk considerable resources into their Oline. Seems like they have solid depth there too. There’s definitely a reasonable chance that they climb into the elite tier this season. That, along with the very solid receiving crew (Tate/Slayton/Shepard/Engram) to keep defenses honest all bodes very well for Saquon. He’s my #1 overall player, could be a monster season coming.
  4. Let's also not undersell the hiring of Joe Brady as OC. He learned under Sean Payton as an Offensive Assistant Coach in NO for 2 seasons (17-18) and just led the LSU passing attack to one of the best offensive seasons in college football history. 23 year old 3rd year WR who just had great 1st and 2nd seasons in the NFL + bad defense + potentially great & pass happy OC = big season for DJ. I think Bridgewater is more than competent enough to captain the ship. I'm a buyer for 2020.
  5. Didn’t see that article but thanks for sharing. Will definitely read. Used the Rotoworld vacated targets & air yards article.
  6. The Raiders are in the bottom third in vacated targets from 2019-20, meaning they didn't lose much receiving talent as compared to most teams. They then used the #12 overall pick (1st WR drafted) on Ruggs plus 80 and 81 overall on Bowden and Edwards - it's not like these guys are just some random back-ups that the team is not going to use. Plus, Waller's splits with Renfroe starting were worse. Not arguing Waller's talent, just saying that there's only one ball and seems like too many mouths to feed for Waller to truly build upon his 2019 break-out. Similar to my concerns for CSutton or Fant to improve much for 2020. Love the talent for all 3 but don't like the 2020 situation with the infusion of receiving talent.
  7. This guy absolutely has a chance to have a break-out season for NE. His competition for targets is old & slow and the team used high draft capital to acquire him. NE should give him every chance to play and succeed. Almost every year there are WR who don't do much as rookies but breakout as 2nd year WR. Most don't see it coming. Chark and Gallup last year, Golladay & Godwin in 2018. Given the limited talent and competition plus new QB who won't have any preferences (i.e. Brady with Edelman and White), no reason why Harry can't lead the Patriots in most receiving categories for 2020. Not saying it's going to happen but at his current ADP, I will take the chance that it happens.
  8. Fair point but I agree with above that this had more to do with Kellen Moore as OC in 2019.
  9. The Raiders added a lot of receiving talent in the early part of the draft with Ruggs, LBowdern & BEdwards to go along with the returning TWilliams and Renfroe. Plus, TE Foster Moreau will be back from injury to steal RZ TD's. They also paid a lot of money to back-up QB Mariota, so he could easily be starting before mid-season if Carr struggles at all. Some may say that this would be a plus but I disagree and believe Carr is a better passer. Overall, a lot of mouths to feed in the passing game and this isn't a top offense to begin with. Really, tough to get too excited about Waller's 2020 fantasy prospects IMO. I will easily pass at his current ADP.
  10. Agreed - I'd like Jones more for fantasy purposes if JGarrett wasn't the new OC. Because of this I'm lower on their skill players (besides Saquon, who should put up big numbers).
  11. Edelman and Sanu are solid, reliable vets and way too early to write off NHarry, who could emerge this year. JMeyers flashed last year too. This receiving group has potential to actually be decent this year.
  12. Like the talent & he had a very good 2nd season last year. However, last year’s 1st RD pick Fant was waiting to break-out & then the team went ahead & used their 2020 1st & 2nd round picks at WR. They also added the top FA RB in Gordon. I’m not sure if another ascending player had more talent added to their roster to compete for touches than Sutton. For that reason, he’s a pass for me at his current ADP.
  13. Once he took over and got his first full start at QB for TEN in week 7 - week 17, Tannehill was the #3 scoring fantasy QB overall (225.02 pts) and #3 per game (22.50 PPG)** he would be #4 PPG if you want to count Stafford's 3 games played during that time. Most early rankings have Tanny being ranked in the QB16-20 range (The Athletic's Jake Ciely has him at QB27...) Totally undervalued at this point and a QB I will for sure be targeting if his current ADP holds.