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  1. derrick henry is coming for every fantasy championship. lets go!
  2. slow or not the mans hands are still there. he's only going to get better. haters gonna hate. rinse and repeat. /thread.
  3. well i agree to disagree here. call it what you want. i'm not letting guys with already great teams get even better. that's just silly to me.
  4. who said im a commish? i probably wouldnt be involved if i was. just another player in the league. it seems most would agree that the only time to veto a trade if it is deemed collusion. but what about the grey area between collusion and fair trade? just let it go through? i'm okay with being the bad guy cause i'm trying to win the league. i just don't feel that the power to veto should only be used in the case of collusion.
  5. well if the trade looks to be more one-sided then i will veto. i understand that some owners feel that if the trade is agreed upon the two owners then we should just let them trade. i don't agree with this and that includes my trades as well. owners are looking to improve their team, i get that but i believe that trade value should be at least near 1:1.
  6. This trade became a hot topic in our league - Odell Beckham Jr + Carlos Hyde for T.Y. Hilton + Robert Woods. This actually isn't my trade but my first reaction was to veto it. Usually i look at the current and future value of the players involved and then what does their teams look like after the trade. After considering that, I figured this trade wasn't so one-sided. Thoughts?
  7. for the past 4 years we've been waiting boys. our prayers have been answered.
  8. He's been doing okay as of lately but what's his value looking like with A. Hurns eventual return? He's already behind M. Lee. Would this guy still be serviceable in redraft leagues or auto-drop?
  9. week before playoffs. this guy is a game time decision on a monday night game.. not the worst situation but damn.
  10. i dont see much other viable rbs that are out there. had a free spot so id figure to take a flyer on this guy. if he reestablishes himself he could be a winning ticket.
  11. yeah id for sure go thomas and rawls. then pick julio over diggs if he's active. if not then i guess diggs but it looks like a rough matchup for a dude returning from an injury.
  12. It''s pretty close considering the matchups but I'd go Thompson. Cousins always looking to check down.
  13. RB T. Rawls vs.Cards D. Murray vs. Bengals A. Morris vs. Falcons WR W. Fuller vs. Rams Dede Westbrook vs. Chargers (if starting) Leaning towards Morris & Fuller but would like some thoughts.