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  1. I prefer to feign interest in terrible trade offers, often replying that i am 'intrigued' by the offer and would like to sleep on it. Then ghost them most of the next day but text that night asking if offer is still on the table. Then not respond again till next day but commit to a phone call the next day where you'll pull the trigger live. Then come up with a barely but kinda plausible excuse why you missed the call. If I'm extra playful, I will apologize profusely for being a trade tease and counter to make the lopsided offer even more lopsided but just not gonna pull the trigger quite yet. This goes on for most of the week, right up until I trade their guy to whomever he is playing that weekend. This is a 25 year old league with mostly original members and it STILL works hook, line, and sinker just about every time!
  2. Troubling usage as of late...why not keep your best player on the field for all them 3rd-and-shorts? Plus Booker getting a number of crucial series all to himself makes little sense. Why not try to feed this beast and see how that works out for a full game?
  3. Starting with alcohol-induced confidence! I see no way this can possibly backfire.
  4. Yeah but it took him 14 seconds to run that 94 yards AND he didn't even stiff arm anybody into The Phantom Zone. Definition of a plodder.
  5. I agree he's a bargain as an RB1 or RB2 on their depth chart...but as RB4 or RB5 (behind Damien, Rex, White, JJ Taylor)? Probably wouldn't even be active on gameday and certainly NOT a bargain!
  6. He's on Double Secret Probation. He's on a relatively cheap contract; wouldn't be shocked to see the Pats trade him for half a ham sandwich or outright release him over the next few weeks.
  7. Sony out. Queue up the 'Its Happening' gif!* *subject to the game actually um happening
  8. Roughly 50% of fantasy RBs drafted as RB1s bust every year anyway...regardless if they are a rookie or not. There have been plenty of amazing rookie RB performances and RB is nearly universally recognized as the easiest position for a rookie to learn and become immediately productive.
  9. Young Corey Dillon? Sign me up!! Bengals running back Corey Dillon pulls out a game for the ages, breaking one of pro sports' hallowed records when he tumbles into the end zone with 1:49 left in the game at the end of a 41-yard run and stiffarm of a poor soul named Terrell Buckley that gives Dillon the single-game NFL rushing record with 278 yards and the Bengals a 31-21 victory. Who can blame the crowd of 61,603 for blinking in disbelief at the scoreboard telling them Dillon has just broken Walter Payton's 23-year-old record of 275 yards set against the Vikings? On top of his rookie rushing record of 246 yards against the Oilers three years before, Dillon now has two of the top seven rushing games of all time two days before he turns 26. Bengals running back Corey,rushing record with 278 yards
  10. Easily the worst thing to happen in 2020.
  11. Good Lord no! The Raiders are already done with the hard part of their schedule (on paper anyway); game scripts should heavily favor JJ going forward.
  12. Just saw the highlights and that was a stiff arm for the ages! The King should be sponsored by Viagara. Also: His 10 yard TD was set up by a simple juke to the inside cut...everybody over-pursued and he walks in. How bout any semblance of misdirection between the 20's and making those Defenses pay for their over pursuit? Our boy in space is nearly unstoppable but we keep em between the tackles.