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  1. All hail The King! Ryan Tannenhill: 2 playoff wins, 160 passing yards combined. This is the formula we've been clamoring for - feed the beast and break that defense by the 2nd half. If DHC were the Titans coach, they might be playing for back-to-back rings!
  2. DH career (4 years in NFL) receiving stats: 57 rec, 578 yards, 10.1 average. 5 of those 57 recs went for over 20 yards. Not to exaggerate too much, but this career receiving usage is roughly 20 minutes of game time for CMC. CMC's 2019 receiving stats: 116 rec, 1005 yards, 8.7 average. 7 of those 116 recs went for over 20 yards. I am not saying that DH will morph into CMC....BUT HELL YES THEY SHOULD THROW THE BALL TO THEIR BEST PLAYER A WHOLE LOT MORE!
  3. If he is TD dependent, it is a good thing he led the NFL in rushing TDs while also taking home the rushing title. All hail King Hendry, Slayer of Patriots!
  4. All hail our NFL 2019 Rushing Champion, King Hendry the Merciless! (He's merciless cuz he vultured the rushing title from the explosive Dion Lewis)
  5. Sets the all-time rushing record for a QB in Week 15 whilst also leading the NFL in passing by a full 7 TDs!!! (yes I know this includes week 15). Our MVP is like having Barry Sanders, Peyton Manning, Deshawn Watson, and RG3,-, RG6 all melded together concentrated into a single roster spot. Thank you for a great season Cheat Code!
  6. Seems shady to be negotiating salaries with someone who is concussed... (I know his agent does most of the work but can they say he was of sound mind at time of signing when he's in the concussion protocol?)
  7. Some folks shoplift things they don't have any need for. They do it just because they are shoplifters.
  8. 100% correct you are! They do like to ditch the run early, even when it has been documented to be an ineffective strategy. I guess even if its broke don't fix it? I (as well as most red-blooded Americans) will enjoy watching the Pats make an early exit from this year's playoffs.
  9. Was thinking similar, but Shepard is one hit away from retirement. Plus Eli was benched for a reason.
  10. Cook will 100% for sure not get the Lions share of the carries. The problem is, he will likely get the lions share of the Vikings carries.
  11. Its the playoffs....we are ALL desperate! Find a Penny Pick him up Start him for the playoffs Hope we don't get $#@#ed !
  12. Some (certainly not all and probably not even most) will be forgiven if he puts out this week. May get even less targets than usual for badmouthing your whole city.