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  1. Haha, I mostly agree. I do think he needs/needed to take in a few of the jokes and public shaming, at least for a bit. It's definitely warranted, given how ignorant he was and how he literally directly affected not only his own teammates but entire direction/course of the NBA. But I also think there needs to be a time that the joking stops. We're talking about a guy who might (though unlikely) die from CNV. It's in bad taste to kick a man while he's not only down but seriously sick. And really, it's important that we worry about ourselves now, instead of poking fun or blaming people, and start working together to figure out what to do and how to protect ourselves/each other.
  2. That's because every situation is different. I'd have people whining regardless. For instance, there's a guy who's in 9th place in our league, but he's playing against a dead last team and destroying him; if allowed to finish this week, he would've easily made Top 3 due to the closeness in our rankings. If I cut the season now, he'd be pissed. On the other end, if I use my own rule of equal payouts/returning fees, I'm up by 20 wins in one league, and I'd have the most reason to whine by implementing my own rule. And it's impossible to put this decision to a vote, because people would only vote selfishly for their own benefit. It's definitely reasonable to do that. As I said before, in many of my situations, nearly NOBODY is eliminated entirely, which is different from yours, and because I play in more competitive leagues, there are very few players who have stopped playing (e.g. setting lineups, making moves). But yes, each situation is different. Yours makes sense for you, so I don't disagree with any of it. Once again, however, as commishes, it's our responsibility to not only make a decision as to how to best fairly arbitrate a difficult situation, but also address the situation at hand. Remember, this is more important than fantasy or money. People are literally dying. If you (or your owners) don't believe this affects you beyond money/the satisfaction of winning, then you're incredibly myopic. We need to remind our owners that this goes beyond petty arguments, and it's incredibly sad that THIS is what we're now focused on. Case in point, though I was prepared for angry responses as I informed my owners in at least 3 money leagues what I was thinking about in regards to money payouts, not a single person complained, including the people at the top (though my own high ranking may have been enough to dissuade them too). Yes, I worked my butt off in getting to the top, and in half a dozen leagues this year - I made on average, 40 or so moves per league, watching injury reports, checking/posting in this forum, staying up late to make transactions, and engineering trades. It's not fun to see all that go down the drain (and yeah, I was expecting a fairly big payout too). But c'mon, seriously. This event should really put into perspective what's important in your life.
  3. Sucks dude. That's definitely fair. But this has been a crazy fantasy season, with all the injuries and now the entire NBA temporarily shutting down. Let's hope, beyond just fantasy, the world is okay. Sorta takes into perspective how insignificant individual player injuries are now.
  4. Ah, if he's not back by then, you know that something's wrong. Glad I held anyway. I'd actually laugh if his next reevaluation was "will be reevaluated in two more weeks". T Wolves gotta have some garbage training staff if so, given they've been giving faux updates for over a month now.
  5. @DonutGiveUp, you drop Simmons? I held for this exact reason (I had heard rumblings that the NBA might postpone or suspend the league yesterday morning).
  6. Your call in your league. I'm sticking with mine. In a few incredibly even leagues of mine, not a single person is locked in for the playoffs, and the difference between 1st and 8th is only about 5 games, while the last place teams are actually not too far behind; we're a week right before the actual playoffs, and certain teams are actually going 2-7 or 1-8 in their current matchups to heavily move them up or down in the rankings. Also, in the OTHER leagues where I'm both commish and far ahead in the standings, I don't think it'd be fair to make that call either way, given there's a conflict of interest as both the beneficiary of the decision and the decision-maker. But again, I don't disagree with your choice. However, I think each commish has a rather arbitrary decision to make here and while it won't please everyone, it needs to be as just and as fair as possible depending on the context of each league.
  7. lol, I definitely get chastising people who have said stupid stuff and done stupid stuff (after his microphone-touching incident/attending shootaround sick, Gobert's been mocked more times than I can count on social media), but really, this is bigger than both fantasy and I-told-you-so's. We just need to move on, take this seriously, and make precautions to protect yourself and those around you. If someone doesn't understand the gravity of the situation, they're gonna learn real quickly; worry more about keeping yourself safe and healthy than heaping hot embers on the internet troll.
  8. Agreed with this. As commish, I'm likely gonna prevent any adds of those particular dropped players (I'll work with my leagues to agree upon a list of players), including other guys like Blake, Kyrie, Murray, Nurk, and Bagley, depending on how long the season gets postponed. If my leagues don't want that, I'll probably do a randomizer or drawing (basically do a numbered raffle) and allow owners who win select wire players in that order. As a Simmons/KAT owner, I kept both, but I could understand that people dropped them (neither were dropped in any league). I'd have to admit (as a patient owner), I'd say tough luck to anyone in other leagues. In fact, I kept Simmons even after his new timetable broke today just FOR this possibility, which turned out to be a smart choice, since if the season continues, they'd likely have enough time during the postponed season to rehab effectively.
  9. I've locked two of my leagues as the commish; no players can make any roster changes, including any transactions. I'll unlock the league at a predetermined time once the NBA gives its verdict on the season. Will probably hold it to a vote, but if tomorrow, the NBA votes to continue the season, I'll probably either mandate that all owners be prevented from adding dropped injured stars who might feasibly return this season given time (e.g. Klay, Oubre, Isaac, Bagley, etc; based on an agreed upon list), or do a randomizer and allow the winners to add their choice of those players. I don't think it's fair if I give a specific time of unlocking rosters/transactions and let owners freely grab players. If the NBA votes to cancel the league, because I'm in money leagues as commish, I'll just reimburse owners' fees. If players who are winning whine about it ... well, honestly, I'm in first in quite a few of my leagues, with some pretty stacked rosters, so I'd use that as my leverage. And honestly, I don't feel like ANY commish needs to answer to those comments. People are sick, terrified, overworked/losing jobs and money, and dying. Fantasy (and yes, even highball money leagues) is really not so important when looking at the bigger picture.
  10. Yeah, that's actually what I did as the commish for all my leagues. I locked roster changes as well though (not that moving around your players matters much when there are no games). It simply isn't fair to grab drop injured players off the IL (e.g. Isaac or Brog) to take direct advantage of the virus affecting the league (though I was easily able to do so myself). Ah, this is what I'm hoping will happen - quarantine everyone for at least 2-4 weeks, then test all rostered players and anyone coming to the arenas. Once cleared, have fan-less games (I dunno about Ronnie2k, haha), and possibly shorten the season. The NBA can at least make money off the televised revenue to compensate for ticket sales and other losses. It'd also be more fair to higher seeded NBA teams (e.g. Bucks, Raptors, Lakers, Nuggets) who have worked hard to win games. Would also possibly allow us to play fantasy this season and avoid issues with money leagues and/or owners with high seeding (though that's a bit selfish on my end since I'm winning quite a few leagues). Of course, there's also the side effect of giving time to guys like Simmons and KAT to potentially return this season (again, selfish on my end since I've got them, lol). Definitely wouldn't be surprised if they canceled the entire season though, or at least postponed it for a prolonged amount of time.
  11. Yeah, I'm 1st in two money leagues. Sorta sucks, but it's for the best. Bigger picture, it's important for everyone to stay healthy.
  12. Wondering what happens to fantasy ... Commish in two leagues here. Sorta considering just refunding everyone their money ... or just grabbing and stashing players for next year lol. A dilemma either way.
  13. So this is how the NBA season ends. Not with a bang, but with a cough. Also:
  14. This is getting out of hand. So anyone sick means the game is cancelled? Ugh, I hope they just ensure that NOBODY sick attends the game then (or at least checks players for CNV before each game).
  15. I don't think they'll end the season prematurely (thought it certainly is a possibility). There's a lot of revenue to be made. However, fan-less arenas are very, very likely. Here in SF, we still gotta pay off the new Chase Center and we still blocked off home games here. With fan-less games, the NBA still has a market in televised viewing, so they can still make money there, even without ticket sales. Will sorta be weird/anti-climactic to see empty arenas during wild playoff games though. I mean, can you imagine that Sixer/Raptors Game 7 last year without fans? Or a silent NBA Finals, save for commentary? I think one of the biggest questions is how will this affect fantasy? I don't think the fan-less games will do much to our players, but the repercussions of postponing the actual games is absolutely critical, and unheard of (at least for me). As stated, if the fantasy season is somehow postponed as well, then injured players we're holding would have time to recover (as a Simmons/KAT owner, I'd love this). And dropped players whose timetables extended beyond the regular season, such as Isaac or Oubre, would be red-hot pickups.