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  1. Dude might be the most frustrating player I've owned all season (and I've got KAT and Bagley on that same team). You wanna drop him because he'll drop so many duds that you just wonder what would've happened if you used his spot to stream. But you also know that someone might easily just grab him and he'll get hot again. Personally, I'd just rather he get 10/5/1/1/1 every night on 45/38/65 shooting instead of giving us all these roller coaster weeks. At least then I could gauge exactly what he'll bring to the table and whether to dump him or not.
  2. This is why you don't complain about getting double-teamed in the offseason. Booker vs one of the worst teams in the league. 2 points after being harassed by multiple defenders.
  3. 3 turnovers in 40 seconds (or in B2B2B possessions)? That's actually really impressive.
  4. Eh, I think there's been trade rumors surrounding the Celts and Adams. However, they'd most definitely have to move one/two of Theis, Kanter, and Time Lord. And for fantasy purposes, it'd be incredibly annoying to have a timeshare between Noel and someone like Time Lord, and if there's yet another C added to the Thunder, it might even get worse.
  5. Right here. Though it was pretty sad to see the game feed and go, "Ah how many treys did he miss now?" or "Damn it, just go to the rim already!". My FG% was at 52% or something, but now it's at 45% (I'm losing now). Still, as long as he gets minutes and can stay healthy, I'll be happy to live with the FG% killer.
  6. Eh, tonight's game doesn't really move the needle for me. I grabbed out of pure interest (and slight nostalgia) and Melo actually rewarded over the last few games, excluding tonight. Being the West's PotW is a bit silly, of course. But yeah, most of us just had to figure that he'd get destroyed against the Clippers. I mean, even Dame got shut down. The funny thing was that Melo actually had makeable shots. He just settled for a bunch of jumpers that bricked, and one awful wide open layup where he got embarrassingly denied by the rim. If there's any positives, it's that he made his FTs, stole some boards from Whiteside, and didn't commit TOs while playing a healthy allotment of minutes. And FWIW, his matchup at times, Kawhi, shot badly too (I didn't see Melo's defense, but I highly doubt Melo really did much against Kawhi, lol). Anyway, if you're a Melo owner, you gotta expect these things to happen against good teams. If he can't stomp on Sac and Bjelica tomorrow, that'll be a bit more concerning.
  7. Man, I grabbed this guy to stream a while ago. Now I have him in multiple leagues and I can't seem to drop him despite having an excess of treys. Watching him too ... sometimes I have no idea how the heck his treys go in, since they're one of the most high arcing bombs I've seen. As a Mavs fan, I'm no stranger to Euro guys who shoot rainbow treys, but well, this guy's pretty darn good at it, heh.
  8. Well, at least he got the INJ tag quickly. Fast enough for me to rush and swap him out for Lowry on IL to get an extra game. Sucks, but with Morant also W2W, it makes sense for the Griz to coddle their rookies, esp with Clarke aggravating an existing injury. I'm gonna hold. He's too fun to drop, since he was producing well even in limited minutes.
  9. Damn it, I've got AD and I'm playing against Drummond ... I have a feeling the latter's gonna outproduce AD this week even with the 1 game handicap. Enjoy it, Drummond owners.
  10. Heh, as someone who REALLY loves using rankings (with the caveat that one should apply context and time into the rankings) as a player value metric, I STILL agree with you on this one. Yeah, he's a rookie and he'll have ups and downs, but it's proven that his coach isn't afraid to move away from him and give his minutes to Marv Will or others, whether due to PJW's foul troubles or his coach's unwillingness to overtax a rookie with heavy minutes. Sure, he definitely has the potential to reward owners late in the season. It really depends on whether you're willing to wait that long and how much you value his upside over a comparable player who can immediately produce now. Again, whether to add or drop him is incredibly subjective depending on team needs, league size, who's on the wire/who you're dropping, but at least for me, I'm definitely scouring the wire for options.
  11. Heh, I knew who you were talking about. As a Mavs fan, I'm "forced" to watch him, though he's much more palatable since he plays more defense and makes his treys. AD's probable once again. Which means he plays tonight vs the Wiz's #29 ranked defense. If he's got Rui or Bertans on him, he's going for 60.
  12. Definitely agree about Miles. It'll be anyone's guess as to what happens with him. Sato is more a Boylen problem than anything. He's questionable today, so be prepared to bench him if you grabbed him.
  13. Fair points, but I guess we're going to disagree here then. I think I'm more reluctant to believe in Hayward if he hadn't had his previous injury, regardless as to where it was. Given Boston's gunning for the playoffs and they look completely fine using Smart/Brown to cover for him, I doubt they rush his return. You're right in that I'm exaggerating the "huge restrictions", however I think rest or load management is likely. Yeah @baby durant, I agree on giving more information though. I've seen you enough around to know your team a bit (I think you've posted your team somewhere else).
  14. Yup. Mostly agree. I do think that Harden's exceptional at drawing fouls though, and he has such a reputation now, to the point where people just get out of his way when he's shooting or driving because they know if they even breathe on him, he'll go to the line. And yeah, I don't like it either. It's just that he's a REALLY smart player, in that he bends all the rules and officiating to their limits to get points. Of course, it frustrates the heck out of everyone, but it's more an indictment of the game than the player. I've owned AD for a few years and it still scares me when he goes home (the locker room). But I've also seen enough to where I've turned off notifications from him on the Roto app because I know every update on him is "AD goes to the locker room, questionable to return", and GTD is basically part of his last name, since it's tacked on there so often. I drafted him with my first pick in one league and KAT with another ... I think it's debatable who's better or more complete now, since KAT's shooting treys like crazy. And of course, KAT's an ironman while AD's a glass cannon.