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  1. I lost back to back weeks by .14 and then .4 Started Sam Darnold this week and lost by .4... lol. Then, last week, I won by 1, but a stat correction caused me to lose by less than one. So in 3 leagues, I've lost by less than 1 COMBINED in the past 2 weeks. There's definitely only a .000001% chance of all of this happening, right?
  2. league drafting at 9 et needs one more to pay immediately
  4. Gus Edwards Ito Smith Chase Edmonds Paul Richardson
  5. Dolphins trade Kenny Stills. Ryan Fitzpatrick in at QB. Likely to be trailing a lot this year. Parker might finally be in a decent situation to put up some numbers in PPR
  6. still need 1.... who ever can pay up right away has got it