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  1. Now that Zion’s out, I think that there’s now a great amount of opportunity for NAW, and I expect him to play significant minutes right out of the gate. I can see a lineup of Lonzo - Jrue - NAW - Ingram/Melli - Favors getting plenty of run. Thoughts?
  2. I realize I posted this on the wrong thread. My bad 😬
  3. As a first-time Jimmy owner I have a question. Jimmy Butler or Bradley Beal? So basically, I have the option to trade JB for BB, but I’m not sure if I should do it. JB fits my team better (I need his steals and ft%/volume), but I could also really use Beal’s higher points, and I’m worried about Jimmy’s health issues. While Beal is consistently ranked above Jimmy, I feel like him signing this new deal lowers his value because it reduces his incentive to play for an all-nba spot/more of an incentive to rest and avoid injuries. But a buddy of mine who has owned Jimmy many times keeps telling me that he’s sketch and that I should exchange him for Beal. Thoughts??
  4. Bro I had the 13th pick in my draft last week and was planning to get Beal, but the dude before me, who didn’t wake up for the draft, auto picked him at 12 so I had to get Jimmy. I’m just reducing my cognitive dissonance here 😬
  5. My understanding is that had he not locked up a contract this year, he’d be eligible for the supermax if he makes an all-NBA team this upcoming season. Now that he no longer has that option, he doesn’t need to go all out for that all-nba spot. With the team prioritizing youth development this season, I don’t think they’d ride him till the wheels fall off this year, potentially jeopardizing his health for next season.
  6. Not good for his value this season IMO. With the money locked up he has less of an incentive to play hard/more of an incentive to load manage and avoid injuries. This bumps him down a round in my book.
  7. What hurdles? After getting traded to Portland last season, he averaged 15.2 ppg 10.4 rebs 3.2 ast 1.3 stl 1.9 blk 51% fg in just 29 minutes per game, with per-36 averages of 18.7 ppg 12.8 rebs 3.9 ast 1.5 stl 2.3 blk. He has no real competition for minutes, AND he's only 22. His upside is tremendously high. I'd take him in rounds 3-4 in 9cat H2H leagues.
  8. Hey what's up man? Fairly new to the site, just trying to meet some more fans. Who are your favorite teams? Big Pacers, Cubs, and Packers fan myself.