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  1. Week 1 Snap % Claypool - 30% Washington - 58% Week 2 Snap % Claypool - 37% Washington - 48% Not a big uptick in snaps for Claypool (and not a big sample size) but Claypool could usurp Washington for that WR3 spot on the Steelers at some point. Juju and Diontae will still get the bulk of the targets but Claypool has that big play ability that should give him the occasional boom week (like week 2). I think Claypool could potentially be fantasy-relevant this season, as a boom-bust WR3.
  2. Pascal is a JAG and Hilton is cooked. MPJ will be the WR1 of this offense by end of season.
  3. TE is great this year. I'm rostering 3 TEs in a standard 12-team league. TEs can be solid flexes, especially with all the injuries this season
  4. Any idea when he might be reinstated? keeping my eye on him, might be worth something later this season with this potent offense
  5. Jets lol how the heck do you let the niners convert on 3rd and 31
  6. Bosa down and now Solomon Thomas down, niners defense taking a beating