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  1. He looked like a damn beast out there...granted it was against the Panthers but he's got a juicy schedule to finish the season. I think the opportunity will be there
  2. The next Julio...I'm hoping I can still scoop him in the 2nd round in next year's draft
  3. Can't believe Devante friggin Parker is a WR2 right now (in standard)
  4. This is the week boys, he's gonna be the Derrick Henry of TEs this year!! (slow starter that pops off 2nd half of the season)
  5. This guy might be the Gary Barnridge of 2019...old guy that just blows up outta nowhere.
  6. Joe Flaccid might be out RoS with a herniated disk. If so, slight upgrade to Sutton’s RoS productivity.
  7. He might not hit 1k yards this year but double digit TDs is attainable for DK.
  8. Another TD this week. If the Eagles offense can get it going, Goedert may have value as a low-end TE1
  9. What a beast. On pace for 1,200+ yds and double digit TDs this season
  10. This guy has been a little disappointing this year in standard, hopefully he picks it up this second half of the season.
  11. This guy seriously epitomizes high-floor, low-ceiling flex. Still great value for his ADP though
  12. WR1 RoS, maybe a top 5 WR. Dude looks like a young Julio
  13. Despite last weeks dud, he’s still on pace for 1K yards 4 TDS.
  14. What a stud. Low-ish ceiling due to Joe Flaccid but high floor with his targets. He's gonna be a rock solid WR2 this year.
  15. Another solid week with 68 yards. Only 4 catches but the 11 targets is very promising.
  16. Fact: Chark Attack is the WR1 after 3 weeks of production (standard) Also a fact: Dede is the WR42 after 3 weeks of production (standard) Maybe you play in a points per dropped pass league, if so, I stand corrected 😂
  17. Chark = WR1 RoS Dede = waiver wire fodder
  18. Interesting fact I saw on Reddit: out of the 26 Patriots plays in the RZ so far, Rex has had 6 targets/rushes (Sony has 8). BB loved using Rex in the RZ in 2017, hopefully the trend continues.