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  1. My ben Simmons and chriss marquese For his shai and randle ! would you do it ?
  2. Hello guys, Jrich clears waivers today, and considering adding him . there's plenty of good FA on my pool : Jrich - thomas bryant - WCJ - Jrich - Derrick white - Grant -OG would you drop anyone from my team for any of these guys ? team and format below : ( 10 teams 9 cats league ) PG : Ben Simmons (PG) - Derrick rose (PG) - Markelle Fultz (PG) - Goran Dragic (PG) SG : Damion Lee (SG) SF : Giannis Antetokounmpo (SF/PF) -Kahwi Leonard (SF) PF: Montrezel Harrell (C/PF) - Zion Williamson (PF) - Marquese Chriss (PF) C : Rudy Gobert (C) - Al Horford (C/PF) - Jarrett Allen (C) IR: DeMar DeRozan (SG/SF)
  3. My derozan + Zion + Sato for his Shai + Randle + dinwiddie what side would you pick?
  4. I added Kleber to stream for last nights games, and initially drop him for Zion. Powell's injury changed everything here, and Kleber will turn valuable ROS. what do you guys think ? drop Sekou or Kleber?
  5. with powell out for the season most probably, kleber becomes very decent. if you do need the blocks and percentages, drop Prince.
  6. this is a 10 teams league, i would probably drop Klebber who im streaming for this week, so not a big deal .
  7. Who's the Center to own ROS? leave your link and ill help in return . thanks,
  8. His Lebron + Ja morant for my simmons + harrell + Hayward what to do?