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  1. Whoops.. Sorry! It's a 10-man PPR format. I do admit the Blount seasn is highly likely but Carson being a waiver, I don't think I'd get as "fair" value so to speak! Y As in Gillislee alone for those?! I have Cooper/Tate/Bryant/Maclin/Tyrell.Definitely got some players I can pair with Gillislee! Thank you very much!! I have Martavis actually, by the way. Hopkins and maybe even a Fitzgerald the Hopkins owner has. Crabtree I feel like after that 3 TD bomb can be too hard though.. I shall help you out now!
  2. Hey, I just recently picked up Chris Carson, which solidified my RB depth as Bell/Fournette/Cook/Gillislee/Henry/Carson. However, after picking up Carson, I can use Gillislee as a solid trade piece to strenghten my WR position. Who is a realistic target for Gillislee, or a potential 2 for 1? DeVante Parker comes to mind.. Hmm..
  3. Hey, I just recently got a successful waiver in for Chris Carson and this loaded my RBs like crazy. Potentially Carson and Henry can be steals from me. After stacking up my RB so much, I want to go on trade mode to beef up my WR position/depth. The ones I'm considering trading are either new pick up Carson, but I'd rather sell high on Mike Gillislee. What range of WR should I start at? I'm thinking someone like DeVante Parker? Pierre Garcon? Not too sure.. Also.. the Mason Crosby owner dropped him to stream Boswell. Shall I make a Tavecchio vs. WAS switch for Crosby vs. Bengals?
  4. Up 0.9 point and and it's my Tate against his Prater and Stafford.... I believe, dammit orrr.. just randomly end this this game already by how bad the Giants are and give me my damn W
  5. I'm a believer that back-up TE's and rookie TE's may potentially lean on their tight-end more, but....... It's damn Keenum, so I think I'm going to sit Rudolph for Fleener potentially.
  6. Starting him for the sheer volume he may potentially receive with Bradford out.
  7. What do you all think of his outlook today with Bradford out?
  8. Hey fellas, I woke up and acquired Golladay, Wentz and then decided to stream Ravens DST. Thanks for all the help!! Rolling with.. QB - Cousins, Wentz RB - Bell, Cook, Fournette, Gillislee, Derrick Henry WR - Amari Cooper, Tate, Martavis Bryant, Maclin, Tyrell Williams, Golladay TE - Rudolph DST - Ravens K - Cairo (Although may stream a kicker as well with matchups.. maybe the Italian on Oakland)
  9. Very nicely done on that one! The guys are also still open because of the waiver claims. The claims don't process until tomorrow morning, so let's hope I get something good! I put in a Cohen one.. which if by any chance I get him, I'll have no clue who to play anymore. I very much think so Yes! Boldim was a solid WR3 if I remember correct on the Lions.
  10. I don't have Kendall Wright and I rate Golladay higher than Kendall. Haha oh yeahhh! Surprised myself on some to be honest! Most players went with familiar names rather than value. I see you are high on Kupp and maybe not at all on Galloday it seems like? I really am liking what I'm seeing from these rookie WRs.
  11. I mean.. it's looking like he can even take over Marvin Jones' spot even, or maybe I'm just crazy. I have a feeling Galloday or Kupp will truly go off.
  12. I'll agree with that WR depth 110%! Would you put Kupp or Golloday higher in priority.. That"s where I am stumped. Earlier in day I had Kupp.. now changed to Galloday. Damn..
  13. Let's see.. I like clay because he has great rapport built with Tyrod Taylor which extends to as early as the last four games of last season. Second spot I'll still take Henry even though first game was rough. Once Gates gets the record.. hopefully soon.. It'll be time for Henry!
  14. Cohen Williams (Might be RBC but he's still supposedly in the lead) Baltimore (I'm trying to get them myself for this week, too vs Browns!) Buck Allen Chris Thompson Gio
  15. 5 won't get you Cohen probably.. but after Cohen, you are easily overthinking this! Please stay put. Your team looks good! The claims may look like good moves, but what you have I'll still take over them.
  16. Honestly.. I'd probably just stay put. Your team looks like it can win the whole thing right now.. With the DJ owner weakened at the moment, you can take the ship. Your WR top heavy depth is insane.. and if it's a straight up, I'd consider but really.. I'd hold.
  17. With the situation you are in and the team you have.. Cohen, or nothing. You can easily afford to wait.
  18. For sure hold tight! It's not that I'm probably not as high on Gurley, but.. I may be higher than others on DeVante Parker! I'm disappointed I couldn't get him. I'm from Chicago.. I've seen Cutler.. the guy falls in love with a receiver. Based off of preseason that target may just very well be Parker!
  19. I honestly dont think whatsoever that I get Cohen.. I'm before last in the waiver priority. If he falls to me then that's ludicrous. Let's say Cohen is taken.. would you take Kupp or Golladay for Ginn? I like Tyrell so I'm going to keep him, but I don't like Ginn's long term outlook. I shall reply to you guys now! Thank you.
  20. Hey guys, I know it's week 1.. however, would you pick up any of these waiver wires? Cooper Kupp, Kenny Golladay, Evan Engram, Jesse James, Charles, Tarik Cohen, Wentz/Bradford/Alex Smith. I'm thinking of swapping Wentz for Eli Manning and then Cohen/Kupp/Golladay (in that order I think) for Ted Ginn (with Snead back in 2 games and I'm probably not going to even start Ginn). I'm most likely going to stream defenses when I can, so not my biggest priority. 10 Team League - Standard QB - Cousins/Eli RB - Le'Veon/Fournette/Cook/Gillislee/Derrick Henry WR - Amari Cooper/Tate/Martavis Bryant/Maclin/Tyrell Williams/Ted Ginn TE - Rudolph DEF - Steelers
  21. Get yourself in the record books Dalvin Cook! Vikings looked solid on offense and defense..
  22. I'm up by 11.4 to be exact. My Dalvin Cook and Kyle Rudolph vs. his Drew Brees and Emmanuel Sanders. Going to be a fun ending! Wouldn't be in this position had it not been for some overthinking lineup changes, but that's fantasy!
  23. Damn... Loved, loved the matchup and took him over Golden Tate as starter. He'll turn it around though!
  24. What do you guys think about Thompson.. Just sitting on my waiver wire. Is he legit?