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  1. More I've done research on Carson Wentz.. The more I am really liking his sleeper potential in fantasy. Chose Eli Manning as my back-up QB to my Kirk Cousins, but I will be watching Wentz closely. He's my favorite undrafted QB in my league by farrrrrr.
  2. *Gillislee on bench* Got Bell, Dalvin Cook and Fournette.. Couldn't not play one of them, in my opinion. Belichick and his interview about MG got me all worried..
  3. Oh yeah! I agree 110%! Primarily drafted Gillislee because he had dropped like 4 rounds past his ADP according to ESPN which I think was wild. Hoping he starts off well tonight, so I can use him as trade bait.
  4. Out of all the TE's.. I'm just a fan of Engram and his hype. Smallwood as well for me! Add it to the tally.
  5. Keep Hyde.. I'm not on the Thomas wagon at all. His injury can potentially be lingering and Hyde has all the tools this season in place to be his first 1,000 yarder of his career. Keep him.
  6. I have Gillislee and had I not got him a few rounds later than he should.. I wouldn't have even touched this situation. It's a scary one, but if you have to pick one then go with Gillislee.
  7. We definitely have the same thinking on some of our picks! I'm all in on your team. I wouldn't package Tate though.. I think this is his year. The opportunity, the trust, everything.. I'd package Crabtree + one if anything.
  8. I like Gilislee to be honest here! Totally acceptable to have second thoughts as its just the beginning.
  9. If only one.. then go Diggs. If two.. I'd even play Hogan to be honest. The DT news worry me a bit. I'm not an owner of him, but that injury can potentially be lingering.
  10. I like the Sam Bradford idea for this week. Is someone like Carson Palmer also open by any chance? I really like his 3-4 first games to open the season.
  11. Thank you sir! I wasn't really eyeing Leonard Fournette to be honest, but he was there at my pick and I had to I felt. His combination of power and speed isn't seen much. Let's hope that O Line brings out the best in him. I really like Ted Ginn Jr, to be honest. I think an Eli drop for Hunter Henry is more likely for me, though. Ginn in the first 3 weeks with Snead suspended may surprise I feel and really get his name out in the NO offense. Perfect! Appreciate it, sir. Giants defense made a lot of changes in the positive direction so I didn't want to get one too early.
  12. Think it'd be worth the switch for my Giants DEF? To be honest I had to read a lot into defenses after the bigger name defenses. Everyone pounced quicker than ai thought for DEF, but I wanted to staycwithvmy game plan and gun for upside in other positions.
  13. Whoops.. Very sorry for not saying my tight end. I got Kyle Rudolph actually! Big fan of him with Bradford in MIN.
  14. I'm feeling a bit iffy on my team.. What do you guys think? I literally just noticed no one drafted Hunter Henry as well for TE and I can snatch him up to solidify the TE position. Would you keep Eli as backup or one of Taylor/Wentz/Palmer? Other names I like are Tyler Lockett, Cooper Kupp and Chris Thompson. I had pick #2. Personally felt a lot of players fell, so I got decent value but not too sure.. QB - Kirk Cousins QB - Eli Manning RB - Le'Veon Bell RB - Leonard Fournette RB - Dalvin Cook RB - Mike Gillislee RB - Derrick Henry WR - Amari Cooper WR - Golden Tate WR - Martavis Bryant WR - Jeremy Maclin WR - Ted Ginn Jr WR - Tyrell Williams K - Cairo Santos DEF - Giants (JAX is still open, too.. but they underperformed last year. Are JAX with the hype? Make a quick switch?)
  15. This guy has such a bright future.. it's crazy. Nuggets, if the right moves are done, can truly become something special.
  16. His three point air-ball from like Curry range was great! haha He's playing well though!
  17. Absolute robbery the money he got in the offseason.. Nicely done, Dennis. Nicely done.
  18. Every time I need a big game from this guy... He's crap -__-
  19. I just read he supposedly started tonight over Sabonis... 26 minutes, 5-8 shooting, 11 pts, 5 rebs, 2 steals, 2 blocks.. not too shabby sir! Thoughts?
  20. Two good games in a row.... only going to get better? Been looking at him as a potential buy-low.. but the good games started coming.