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  1. Picked up Goff to start over Cousins this week.. Dayummmm' I learned my lesson..
  2. I'm thinking of picking him up, as well.. What do you guys all think?
  3. Damn..... I benched him... Super happy that he is gaining this confidence back, though. I wouldn't consider dropping him and never did so far this season. His upside is too good to drop.
  4. Rest up big man! Got him at an absolute bargain in an auction draft. Take a week off in need be. Helped me immensely getting to 3-0 so far. I'll take a hit to have him healthy.
  5. Picked up and started Kenyan Drake... Now watch someone else pick up Williams from waivers after this week instead of me... Eyyyyyy
  6. Realistically, if looking at selling high.. How high is the perceived value of a return for Fournier!?
  7. I have the absolute SAME dilemma! I have Drake in at the moment, but I am intrigued by Mack..
  8. Appreciate the help guys! Any other takers? I'm moreso debating on dropping Ginn Jr, but I don't want to regret it. The boom/bust has been real at times and it's been pretty difficult to decide on which match-up Ginn can exploit and which he cannot. I have Henry still because I'm looking into packaging him as a lot of teams are in need of TE help, imo.
  9. As a Fournette owner.. I would not be opposed to this! McKinnon or Funchess for your second player in the deal is who I'd personally try to target. I'm trying to pick up Corey Davis, as well as you saw from my post, so if you can't get either of the first two, definitely Corey Davis is my third in line.
  10. Hey guys! Corey Davis is still available in my league and I really want to get in on the hype train The guy can be the answer for the Titans. My team is the following: Wentz Upon A Time (10-Man PPR) QB - Cousins, Wentz RB - Bell, Fournette, Mack, Henry, Drake WR - Cooper, Tate, Juju, Funchess, Ginn TE - Engram, Henry DST - Texans K - Lutz Anyone to drop for Corey Davis!? Other free agents on board are.. Rob Kelly, Dion Lewis, Andre Ellington, Josh Doctson, Damien Williams Anything else to improve upon? Restructuring team after some Cook and Carson injuries and Martavis Bryant over the weeks has been all fun and games, lemme tell ya. I do think orly Davis will be a stud and I'm debating on even dropping Ted Ginn for him as the boom or bust play scares me a bit.
  11. Anddddddddd.. that last field goal just got my opponent the W. Damn.. Butker, what an animal he's been. Losing by 0.3, what an unlucky week
  12. Up 14.2 points.. He has Harrison Butker only left. I'm still worried though.. guy's been hot as KC's kicker.
  13. Resting tomorrow as is Zach Randolph, incase any of you fellas starting him.
  14. Zach Randolph resting tomorrow... It's Skal time, baby!
  15. I'm pretty skeptical on playing him tonight.. I just like other players more, but I will be tuning in to see what he does. I hope he proves me wrong!
  16. I'm not going to lie you.. I ate my own words and admit my mistake. I've loved Dieng years past, but I got myself Labissiere instead. So much for me staying with Gorgui.. I'll miss ya bud... of years past
  17. It truly sucks what has happened for Favors as I'd choose him any day in the past, but Collins looks like the real deal now. It's only a matter of time..
  18. I'm going to take Rudy Gay.. I really, really do not like the situation that Randle is in, and I feel like you are only going to get frustrated by it over time more and more.
  19. I'm still taking the youth in Collins, call me nuts.. Give him extra minutes and the guy is going to produce. I like to take the chance on young talent, but especially when it's as hungry as Collins has proved to be.
  20. I'd still easily take Markieff and to me, it's not even close. BOS has a logjam, while their team likes to run small ball lineups, which makes logjams even more complicated. I know they invested pretty heavily into Marcus, but they found out what they truly have in Tatum, Brown and Rozier that I think they moved Marcus to the side.
  21. Stay! Klay will be Klay, while I'm not really that high on Crowder in all honesty. Nurkic is a nice piece, but Klay is truly elite in some categories.
  22. I'm from Chicago.. and I can't believe the amount of volume we are giving Justin Holiday. It's one thing to have many shots, but it's another to actually score them.. Anyhow, I like Danny Green anyhow. The guy is doing well for himself on a statistical level.
  23. I'll take Brogdon with his more all-around skillset. Eric Gordon has been doing very well lately though, regardless. I just like what Brogdon brings to the table better. I'll take the hit in points, but get better in other cats.
  24. Would you guys drop Dirk for Skal Labissiere? I just switched Dieng for LeVert earlier today, as well. By the look of it, my team can take the wait for Skal to truly breakout, but he's doing not too bad at all in the minutes he's getting!