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  1. May just drop old man Dirk for this young fella oozing' with potential. Got to get on this guy quick before his value is unleashed.
  2. Ahhhhhhh this guy just needs more consistent minutes already!
  3. Oh no, I understand completely that. I meant from an overall perspective, I think he fared well against an opponent of GSW"s caliber.
  4. Guy's better than Buddy Hield.. I don't care what ya'll say.
  5. Against the Warriors you cannot ask for much more.. For a rookie, he came in and didn't do all that bad.
  6. Any of you guys starting Ullis as early as tonight, or just playing the waiting game?
  7. How would you rate stashes between Marcus Morris, Seth Curry, JaMychal Green and Richaun Holmes? Out of curiosity.
  8. Would you guys drop both Dieng and Dirk.. for Caris LeVert and Skal Labissiere? Beforr picking them up, I can grab a Seth Curry or Richaun Holmes and put them in IR.
  9. The best remaining waivers I would say are the following.. Seth Curry Allen from Nets Skal Labissiere Marvin Williams Caris LeVert Richaun Holmes Mo Harkless My league is full of vultures.. and I feel like I missed on some guys because of my stubbornness to drop players. PG - Smith Jr, Murray, Pat Bev SG - Oladipo, Hood, Richardson SF - Green, Prince, Fournier PF - Millsap, Dieng, Dirk C - Horford, Drummond, Gasol IR - Nic Batum 12 Man H2H Any glaring weakness!?
  10. I will be holding as my last spot.. Don't even care if lack of playing time at the moment. He has upside I just cannot find on my waiver and he's performed wonderfully over the years in second half of season. Yes I know not to believe that past too much, but I can afford the wait and if anyone can, I advise them to do so too.
  11. Why was Zach Randolph signed when they got this gem of a player off the bench.. Solidddd!
  12. Guy looks like a rec league ball player who comes in wearing new balances.. but my goodness, is this guy a solid glue guy. I will forever hate the guy in front of me in the waiver order that got him over me. Why can't my league do FAAB budget!
  13. Put in your line-up and reap the benefits.. another day of stocks coming our way
  14. I think DAL can really benefit from Seth Curry's return.. As a Wesley Matthews owner, it's disappointing looking at his box score. Seth's shooting is needed on this team and on our fantasy rosters.
  15. I work at a physical therapy clinic and I hope Elfrid takes all the time he needs. Hamstrings can be a pain in the a** and they can be reoccurring. I have no doubt they won't rush him, no matter what with this team. Not to compare this to another sport, but just think of DeMarco Murray now dealing with hamstring issues. He played with a troublesome injury and game after game he isn't looking like himself. Other than that.. I am jealous of all you as owners. He has a bright future and a great season ahead of him. Kudos on picking him out guys.
  16. As a Fournette owner.. I honestly hope he sits. This isn't because I have Chris Ivory and can take him sitting, but because of his history. Guy is looking LEGIT and we need him rest of season and into playoffs to be fresh. Colts are nothing special, no offense to all the fans.
  17. I got guys on the waivers that include.. Alan Crabbe, Caris LeVert, Marvin Williams (usually starts slow) so that are names I am throwing out that intrigue me at the moment.
  18. I'm getting slightly concerned about him, especially since Seth Curry is supposedly out for 3 games, so he'll be back around Tuesday vs Warriors, I want to say? I may look into adding Caris LeVert for Wesley..
  19. I deserve to lose for the benching.. FML I've had terrible results on TNF and with Coop's last few.. I didn't wanna do it. Ecstatic that he looks back though!
  20. I drafted knowing he would play less, but this...... I did not not. He doesn't need last year's minute to be truly relevant but a few minutes less, I was still content with.
  21. I didn't make it in time to pick up Kelly Oubre, but Joe Ingles is still open. Would you drop anyone for him? Maybe I'll look into a Dejounte Murray, too?
  22. I took Dieng as my 4th and last center over Trill in an auction... I feel your pain, sir. Comgrats to to all of the current owners. Nicely done.
  23. Honestly may drop Wesley Matthews for Oubre Jr.. He's definitely on waiver watch. Jason Smith injured apparently...