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  1. I'm very excited to watch this man grow. I'm intrigued by a lot of ATL options. Had I not had the max amount of centers one can hold, I'd also have Dedmon. Once the time comes.. I'm pouncing on John Collins. For how bad they will be, Prince can shine alongside Schroder with his across the board production.
  2. Based on your team set up.. I'd keep Ibaka and Brogdon.
  3. Jokic anyyyyyy day for me 24/7/365. I wanted him bad this year but the bid in auction went tooo high for me.
  4. Hey guys, I drafted Wesley Matthews with my last pick in an auction draft, mainly due to Seth's injury and to add more SG depth. Would you keep Wesley, or drop for Norman Powell? Anything else you would change on my team?
  5. Thank you for that! The WR spot has been just tough on me this year.. but thankfully to strong plays everywhere else I'm still 5-1.
  6. I think he'll get around the 30 min mark for the reason above.. he's their best offensive guard and they have a good amount invested in him as is (although that should never be a primary reason). At best.. Magic should roll with Payton/Simmons/Fournier/Gordon/Vuc I think that is their most effective lineup
  7. Should still get 30+ minutes per game, imo. His role is safe in my opinion.
  8. Benjamin Allbright‏Verified account @AllbrightNFL FollowFollow @AllbrightNFL More In addition to releasing Navarro Bowman, Niners have received and made calls about RB Carlos Hyde.
  9. Benjamin Allbright‏Verified account @AllbrightNFL FollowFollow @AllbrightNFL More In addition to releasing Navarro Bowman, Niners have received and made calls about RB Carlos Hyde.
  10. How do you guys value him who own him? Been looking at him ever since an owner dropped due to injury and probably frustration in lack of updates. RB3/Flex? The balanced run/pass game from PHI overall has really done well lately.
  11. I hope he kills it on TNF. I will be starting Cousins over him this week, but it's been a joy seeing this man play this season. Shall be tuning into the game and hoping he proves me wrong.
  12. Appreciate it guys. Tyrell has just been very boom or bust, especially now with Mike Williams coming into the equation. The Derrick Henry thing is like frustrating me.. lol I think Smallwood may be a nice pickup though and I hope no one takes him. Rather hope he doesn't end up playing this week and I can hold him off for the near future for myself.
  13. Only trades involving QBs should be ones you are trading away for an RB or WR. Do not trade for QBs. What is on your wire at the moment?
  14. I wouldn't to be honest. I don't fully trust him yet. It seems like other receivers are the ones who are really benefitting.
  15. I'll stay put rather easily on this one.
  16. Crowell is trash.. Cooper is trash.. Wash. Gronk is #1 TE which can be a big if. Hilton with Luck is dominant. I'll take Julio over Hilton, though. I'll take Gronk over Mixon and Cooper. I would like for you to stay put, but I wouldn't say it's terrible. You get great value if Cooper and Mixon hit. Cooper is an if, and Mixon was said to even be the best RB in this class by some.
  17. Thanks for helping with mine! I think this guy hit it spot on for me. Out of all the replies.. I'm the biggest fan of this one.
  18. Ellington is way too valuable in the passing game to be that much affected. Amari has too much talent to be dropped. Henry or Powell I feel like. I like Powell out of any Jets RB, so I may need to lean on Henry.. sadly.
  19. Buck Allen > AP.. not even close to me. Everyone is going with the name value hype. Look at his production.. or lack there of to be specific for AP.
  20. Ameer in this case. His role is more defined, no matter how great McKinnon looked. I want McKinnon on my team as well, but I wouldn't drop an Abdullah.
  21. I'd drop John Brown. I still have some faith in Crowder somewhat turning it around.
  22. I'm from Chicago and Cohen's been getting less and less e dry game since his huge game. I wouldn't be mad if you were to drop him instead.
  23. The upcoming schedule for Gallman freaks me out to be completely honest. I think I'd rather wait for Smallwood than mess with that schedule.