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  1. Some names currently on the waivers are the following: RB - McKinnon (I initially lost Cook and picked up Ellington and lost out on Latavius), Marlon Mack, Gallman, Wendell Smallwood (owner dropped him after injury news I think), Forte, McGuire, Matt Breida WR - Jeremy Maclin (I dropped him, but just telling you he's probably best available), Kupp DST - Redskins, Falcons (Considering one of the two to stream) I'm honestly thinking swapping Tyrell/Henry for Smallwood/McKinnon. PPR 10-Man QB - Wentz, Cousins RB - Bell, Fournette, Ellington, Gillislee, Henry WR - Cooper, Tate, Martavis, Funchess, Tyrell TE - Rudolph, Engram DST - Lions K - Lutz
  2. I'm not regretting my choice. I just saw that he had more targets, receptions, etc. Did he look better or was it just the Oakland defense?
  3. I dropped him last night for Funchess, but saw the box score of today's game. How'd he look? Or was it simply the product of Oakland being lackluster.
  4. Thank you sir! I really don't want to give up the TE's as both are solid and Rudolph hasn't even yet hit his stride without Bradford.
  5. Keep your lineup as is I think! Also I don't see a true drop for Collins. If I had to choose it would be Derrick Henry but I have him probably for same reason as you do. That handcuff is super valuable though so I wouldn't just give up yet.
  6. Thank you guys! It's a one QB league, but the options on the waivers are dreadful as all of us basically have 2 QBs on our rosters. Engram and Rudolph I will play dependent on match-ups and/or Bradford availability. Maclin... I didn't even start once yet to be honest o.O Guy is so tough to call.
  7. Collins, but if Montgomery sits then I'd switch him for Aaron Jones to be honest! At the moment, keep it at Collins.
  8. I'm going with Cobb, as well. Both are fine plays, but the opportunity for Cobb without Devante is solid.. plus add in the fact it's Rodgers throwing the passes!
  9. I've been loving the targets for Funchess and I think we may have found something with him, regardless if the big match-up was against the Patriots. I've been eyeing Funchess for days already.. He passes my eye test. My team is the following: QB - Cousins, Wentz RB - Bell, Fournette, Gillislee, Henry, Ellington WR - Cooper, Tate, Bryant, Maclin, Tyrell TE - Rudolph, Engram DST - Lions K - Crosby
  10. Started Gillislee after the Gronk news.. Never trusting the NE RB situation. Considering dropping for someone with more opportunity in all honesty.
  11. I'd definitely trade Demaryus Thomas. Not because he's bad but to balance out your team. I'm not that high on DeMarco. I'd be happy with either CMC or Mixon.
  12. I currently have the Lions DST.. Keep them against the Panthers, or go stream a Bills/Giants/Jets for example? I've been streaming all year to be honest.
  13. Would you guys still stick with Maclin for the long term? Devin Funchess is still open for example and RBs such as Gallman and Aaron Jones. My depth is the following: WR - Tate, Cooper, Martavis, Tyrell, Maclin RB - Bell, Fournette, Gillislee, Henry, Ellington I really like what I've seen ARI do with Elllington. The thought of quick points with Jones interests me, too. My matchups this week at WR are rough and my WR's are all boom or bust lately.. so Funchess or what could be a more stable Gallman/Jones can benefit.
  14. Thank you very much for the assistance! I replied to those that left links. Any others?
  15. Landry and Amber 100% who you got to package. Landry had two nice games to start the season.. and do I trust Jay? I do not. Will he do decent? Yes. But better than decent? I cannot say.. leaning no. Thank you for the help on mine!
  16. I very much second your list! Murray most definitely.
  17. Murray, Jones, Gallman, Collins, Rawls Clearly I do not trust Seattle's backfield to save my life
  18. I had the exact same trade offer given to me and I said naw.. His value is stupid low and I don't think we need to capitalize on trading him, unless you maybe package him for a stud, or close to stud.
  19. Hey! I sadly lost both Dalvin Cook and Chris Carson this week and need to change my strategy a bit.. The top waivers I believe are the following: Evan Engram Latavius Murray Wayne Gallman Jason Witten Thomas Rawls Eddie Lacy Devin Funchess Tyrell Williams Deshaun Watson Cooper Kupp Will Fuller Who should I prioritize? Should I make Latavius Murray my top waiver in this case, or even that of Engram to help in my Rudolph situation for now? I know if I make Latavius my top one then I will miss out on Engram. A good friend of mine is high on him and I feel he will pick him up with his higher waiver. If my lineup isn't showing it is the following: QB - Cousins (Bye), Wentz RB -- Bell, Fournette, Gillislee, Henry, Cook, Carson WR - Amari, Tate, Martavis, Maclin, Marqise Lee TE - Rudolph DST - Packers (Will stream this week) K - Crosby
  20. I'm still having some hope that it's not what reports are saying. Until see an official MRI report.. but yes, it does look bad. Maybe he got a grade 2 diagnosis instead of grade 3 (essentially a full tear). If it's 2, there'd be chance for return for playoffs.
  21. WHO IS THIS RANDOM?! This could've been a Carson TD. Pete, you're killing me here brotha. I'm in need of some Carson magic to replace Cook.
  22. The #Vikings initial diagnosis for Dalvin Cook is a nearly complete ACL tear, per @TomPelissero and me. He's hopeful the MRI shows otherwise ???
  23. Appreciate it a lot, sir. You gave a great insight on that one. I will roll with Rudolph. Always been a fan of the guy as he truly has top 5 TE potential. Think I should even look at possibly picking up Engram anyhow to be on my team?