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  1. The Keenum effect doesn't affect you whatsoever?! I appreciate that 100% as I did also read Lions were weak against the TE. Appreciate the favor back!
  2. The Chargers have a relatively strong run defense if I remember right, so I wouldn't mind a switch from Blount to Powell. Opportunity speaks volumes to me.
  3. Definitely Chris Carson 110% and second.. one of Murray, or Powell. Murray is more talented as we know and Powell has the Matt Forte is out fiasco. Either can be a solid play, but I'll speak for opportunity and say Powell in this one. It does seem like a lot are down on Murray with Henry and I'm a Henry owner, but Murray did well last week. It wouldn't surprise me if he did well again.
  4. It's a good problem to have and I understand completely the want for Coleman, but I'll take Buck Allen this game.
  5. I'm going to go in on Kelvin Benjamin. Somebody needs to catch on that CAR team and he is the most talented WR they got.
  6. Hey guys, Shall I pick-up Engram and stream him this week ovet Rudolph with Bradford still not back? I won't drop Kyle, but just bench him and keep Engram on my bench past this week, as well. Engram vs Bucs (Defense is decimated apparently) Rudolph vs Lions (Keenun at QB; Less targets with him at QB)
  7. Thanks guys! One more question.. Would you pick-up Evan Engram and play him over Kyle Rudolph? Apparently the Bucs defense is decimated and also the no Bradford at QB factor.
  8. The video of Amari Cooper working extra with Carr after practice to work on his drops/routes got me all excited, but then I started thinking with Crabtree out, how they can just exploit Amari like crazy.. I had Marqise Lee in to be honest vs. Jets before my overthinking started.
  9. Marquis Lee. I like the Jets matchup and his target share has been solid.
  10. This one is HARD for me.. A lot of these players can truly go off. I'm a big believer in Carson though this week, so he's a for sure. Second, I'd take Diggs or Parker.. and you can't go wrong with either. If you get a last minute overthinking then you will be fine either way you go on this one. If I had to choose one, I like Diggs. I even think Hogan will have a decent game haha This is a solid week for you!
  11. I'm still all in on McCafrey vs Pats. I love the opportunity he has in that matchup.
  12. I'd lean on Gillislee to be completely honest stil. I know the whole no Forte thing, but I still need to see more of Powell and that's run game.
  13. Mixon and Jeffrey Mixon is a definite for me. Thompson can still be solid, but I personally prefer Alshon today.
  14. Golden Tate vs Vikings (My one confident WR this week) ... And then 1 more WR in WR2 spot between the following: Amari Cooper vs Broncos Marqise Lee vs Jets Martavis Bryant vs Ravens Jeremy Maclin vs Steelers The matchups are pretty rough for the most part, I know. P.S: Do I play Kyle Rudolph vs Lions, or pick up and stream Jason Witten vs Cardinals?
  15. I'm jealous of this thread.. How I beat the Hunt owner this week is beyond me, even if it was by barely 3 pts. The Hunt owner is my good friend and I told him the guy better be untouchable. I hope you are all doing the same. The amount you'd give up would be not worth it from a buyers standpoint. Unless you get some super crazy combination for him, but still.. You guys got the Zeke of this year and he will truly be a man possessed.
  16. Guy is going to eat vs. the Colts. I think this week is the true coming out party.
  17. Come on Amari and Tavecchio.. Just wake the f--- up lol Hell I'll take like 5 points rest of game from Amari and 3 from kicker.. I just need more of a cushion with Cousins doing work.
  18. Win, or lose... I'm happy Kirk is already playing better. 15/16 passing for now is something I'm content with.
  19. Losing 109.2 to my 80.9 at the moment.. Negative Ravens DST killed me early, but got back into it with big individual performances. Got Cousins, Tavecchio and Amari in this game vs. his Witten tomorrow. Let's get a shootout tonight!! Kirk, I've never needed you more than I need you tonight.
  20. It's Rodgers time.. I can't bet against this man.
  21. We will make it through!! I'm not watching the Packers/Bengals game, but I'll take a quick first drive win by Aaron Rodgers any day right now. Hunt is just a superstar, btw. To all of you who had gotten him, especially on a solid round drafted, kudos guys. Watching this guy play is electric.
  22. I was feeling very safe until Hunt scored.... Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh Moment after Aaron Rodgers ties the game and sends to OT where my opponent has AJ Green, as well..
  23. Whoever is getting Henry..Keep him. The hamstring injury of Murray plus the brutal Bryant schedule as a WR. I'll take the chance of Henry having an even larger role over Bryant's history. Henry can be a league owner.
  24. As a Bell owner.. I'll decline this any day, any time. If he actually gives you Bell.. run, don't walk. Hit accept ASAP.
  25. I don't want to sound bias as I own both, but I'll take Cook and Cooper. Amari will only get better as season goes by. Don't base him off a 3-TD outlier by Crabtree. I don't think Cook has scratched his peak yet. I like Hyde a lot though but some injury concerns just scare me still.. It's why I passed him on in my own draft. Thanks for helping mine!