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  1. What website do you guys get all these advanced stats from??
  2. Ugh, just realized he's most likely pitching against Boston after tomorrow's start, barring weather PPDs. I'm most likely going to sit him for both starts, making him a real tough hold for the rest of April.
  3. And 4 games against Miami next. Then 2 vs KC. Looking real good for the week.
  4. Not looking like a good match up vs a red hot Angels team, on top of the fact that they have hit .408 on him collectively in the past. I'm benching.
  5. Current members of the Angels collectively hit .408 against Junis in his career, including 3HR and 6RBIs. Only 3K's in 24PA. Are we starting him tomorrow (3/14) at home?
  6. Anyone warming up in the Brewers pen (preferably Barnes)?
  7. He also gave up 1 walk and 1 hit. I'm not complaining, I know he'll most likely come to form; just noting he has yet to have had a completely clean outing in this young season. For those in non-hold leagues and drafted him for his ratios, it's a small frustration.
  8. Not a clean inning so far. His value tanks without those twin 0.00s we're so accustomed to.
  9. Frustrated as hell that Harden and Schroeder are blowing it for me in FT%. I normally cruise to wins in this cat but I'm currently just barely losing in a VERY tight matchup. Both these guys are normally 85%+ shooters but this week are shooting 72% and 50% respectively.
  10. Very frustrating. Only shooting 72% this week. Not good when he's your super high FT% volume anchor. Currently losing FT% by 0.05%
  11. Damn. I was planning on scooping him up for a potential block party @Sac, but this changes things...
  12. Picked him last week when one of my guys went down, he's been surprisingly good. Spo trusts him a lot and gives him a ton of minutes and he delivered, especially last night. I know the score seems lopsided, but there was a point when the Heat were down by like 15 but Justise led a run, scoring 7 points in a row and played awesome defense, bringing brought the Heat within 2 before the Blazers pulled away in the last 3 minutes of the game. His FT% is horrible, but he's averaging 2.4 FTA the past month, so it won't exactly kill you. He makes up for it in every other category, so I'll take it until the wheels fall off. 3 of his next 4 games are against tanking teams too.