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  1. oh man.... when there's zion there's hope... losing on pts, rebounds, blks and FG... Zion save me!
  2. Sticking with him even though Ibaka and Holmes is on the WW. That's Fantasy Basketball. This guy is a beast per minute.. I can only hope Old man gasol get traded or get just 10-15 mins per game. If i am Nurse ill play Boucher 20-25 and see how its goes further down the road. Coz if he excels and remain consistent he'd be a great starter and finisher come playoff time for the raps.
  3. bench him till he figures things out -- based on his current stats the upside is quite still there. Benching him and Lauri Markkennen till they come back to earth! They were studs on their first games.
  4. Stick to your “nunn” ain’t nobody gonna hurt you baby... 🎤🎼
  5. I just snagged D. Powell couple days back but it seems PJ Washington is trending up. I need blks and fg%. Should i get Washington for Powell?
  6. My bad, i snatched D. Powell on the WW and dropped IT2 and was still on my signature. So i guess you mean to say i should snag Graham for Hayward. That's the plan but was just hoping to see how hayward will do tomorrows game. But as you said his ceiling could be low. Thanks. Might as well drop now and not wait and see.
  7. benching him for a few games till then... can't drop him - just yet. Coaching staff gonna work on his TO's. Hope to get some results
  8. Dropped IT2 for this guy! Hope it materializes!
  9. Keep Curry you know you are locked on to win 3’s and Ft’s or perhaps a great chance to. Westbrooks stint with the rockets is unpredictable as it is. With curry, u know what ur gettin’
  10. i’d give IT2 another game or two. I got a feeling Powell’s gonna be in the ww still.
  11. You have a great looking team but i think Nunn will continuously play well compared to Washington. Drop Washington.
  12. if TUCKER is available go grab him... ASAP!
  13. IF collins won't be IR eligible definitely drop him then pick up Tucker. Even if he goes wild out there after sometime and starts hitting those 3's and getting 1.5-2 blks... Tucker would've soften the blow http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/779777-help-im-pg-heavy-but-do-i-pick-up-devonte-graham-or-a-wiggins/
  14. Steph Curry - Future HOF Kyrie Irving - Future HOF But Kyrie more injury-prone than Kyrie especially now that Kyrie's usage is sky high. get Curry and never looked back. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/779777-help-im-pg-heavy-but-do-i-pick-up-devonte-graham-or-a-wiggins/
  15. Yes, Zeller should do it! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/779777-help-im-pg-heavy-but-do-i-pick-up-devonte-graham-or-a-wiggins/
  16. Below is my team and currently #3 on our league thanks to KAT and SGA. But Devonte Graham and Andrew Wiggins just got dropped and is on the wire should i make a move and if i do who will i pick up and drop? Others on the wire worth it : D. Powell, Marc Gasol, D. White, Olynyk, Satoransky, Redick, Huerter, J. Grant. As you see im currently bad on FG%, FT% AST and BLK TO Team Name FG% FT% 3PTM PTS REB AST ST BLK TO Total Points Pts Change
  17. Didn't.. and looks like portis will start at C with Mitch from the bench. No way he will be a center with the knicks. Portis/Mitch is good enough
  18. Drop Him and he'd be scooped up ASAP fo sho!
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