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  1. We have 9 paid. We will start this when we have 15 paid. If you have any questions email me.
  2. Leagues Each league will consist of 15 teams. You may not enter more than one team in any one league. League formation is on a first come, first serve basis. Only full leagues of 15 will compete. Enter early to assure yourself a spot. You can remove yourself from a league that is not yet full (meaning there are fewer than 15 entered) anytime up until the league fills. Go to the OTHER menu item and click on Quit League. Once the league is filled to 15 teams you may not cancel your entry. Only full leagues of 15 will compete, but it is very rare for a league to not fill. Should our system algorithm determine ahead of time that the league is highly unlikely to fill, the league will be dissolved and your entry fee will immediately be credited to your Fantrax Account (this is extremely rare), which can be used toward any Fantrax game or product, or you can withdraw it in one of the available forms (e.g. check, Paypal). As this is a Slow Draft league, time needs to be allowed for the draft to complete before the season starts. Should the league not fill by Saturday, March 16, 2019, the league will be disbanded and your entry fee will be immediately refunded to your Fantrax Account. Entry Fee You may enter as many leagues as you wish, but only one entry is allowed per user per league. Entry fees can be found in the Fantrax Game Lobby. Forming Your Initial Team Live Draft This is a Slow Draft league. Everything works the same as a "standard" draft, except that you will receive an email when it is your turn to pick. The draft will begin at ???? the day after the league fills. All draft positions will be randomly assigned as soon as the league fills, and that order will appear along the right panel inside the Draft Room. To enter the Draft Room, click the Draft Room link in the top menu on any screen. The draft time for your league will be shown at the top of your league home page. Please try to arrive early, so that you can prepare your draft queue and strategy before the draft begins. Your league will conduct a 50-round live online slow draft to determine the rosters for each team. Each owner has 2 hours to make a pick, and the clock "sleeps" between 12:00 am and 9:00 am. During the sleep time, the timer does not count down, but you can still make a pick. 23 starting positions and 27 bench positions are available to be filled, though it is not a requirement that you draft players into each Active position (you may elect to draft an extra Reserve player instead of a player in an Active slot, for example). Should you not make a pick within the allotted time, a player will be auto-drafted for you, based on your draft queue, and if that is empty, based on the main player ranking/stat view above. Each team owner will select a squad in real time with the other owners in the league. Each owner will draft one player per round until their team's roster is full. The draft order reverses each round, so the owner that starts the first round ends the second, and the owner that ends the first round starts the second, and so on. * Throughout the season, before and after your draft, players may be added to your league's player pool at anytime. If you can't be present for the draft, click on the Rank Players link near the top of the screen, from anywhere within your league. If you can't make a selection at any time during the live draft, your pre-ranked players will be used in the order you selected them, as long as they are still available. If you run out of pre-ranked players, or choose not to pre-rank, the Fantrax default rankings will be used to fill your roster. You can also set up a draft queue for yourself inside the Live Draft room. This list of players, which supersedes both your pre-rankings and default rankings, is used to make a selection if you don't draft a player during your allotted time. To draft a player straight from the main player listing (directly above the draft queue), simply click on the green circle next to the player's name, select the position from the dropdown box that you wish to draft him to, then click OK. You may also click the green arrow next to player's name to move him to your draft queue. Use the same process to draft from your queue by clicking on the green circle beside the player's name. You have 2 hours to draft a player once it becomes your turn to pick. If you don't draft a player within the allotted time, the system automatically drafts a player for you that legally fills your roster from your draft queue. If your draft queue is empty, the highest ranked player that legally fills your roster will automatically be drafted from the main player listing, which is based on your pre-rankings (if any) and Fantrax's default rankings, in that order. Once you click OK you can not "undraft" a player, even if there is time left in your pick. If you do not want the system to force you to fill your Active slots first (whether drafting live or on auto-pick), be sure to uncheck "Fill Active Slots First" at the top of the draft room screen. Managing Your Team Roster Setup Your team can have a maximum of 50 players - 23 Active players (also known as Starters) and 27 Reserve (also known as Bench) players. Here are the requirements per position: 2 Catcher (C) 1 1st Base (1B) 1 2nd Base (2B) 1 3rd Base (3B) 1 Shortstop (SS) 1 Corner Infield (CI) (1B,3B) 1 Middle Infield (MI) (2B,SS) 5 Outfield (OF) 1 Utility (UT) (any Hitter) (C,1B,2B,3B,SS,CI,MI,OF) 9 Swing Pitcher (P) (any Pitcher) The positional requirements above apply to Active players (starters) only. Your 27 Reserve (bench) spots may consist of players at any position. Note: Any hitter may be used in the UT position. Any pitcher (SP or RP) may be used in the P position. Position Eligibilty A player's initial position eligibility is based on the number of games played at each position in the previous season. A Hitter must have played a minimum of 20 games at a position to initially qualify for that position this year. A Pitcher must have 5 games started in the previous season to qualify as a SP, and 8 relief appearances in the previous season to qualify as a RP. If a player does not meet the minimum number of games to qualify at any position, he will qualify at the position he played most in the previous season. If he did not play at all last season, then the default position(s) will be used, which is determined by Fantrax. Hitters can gain eligibility at other positions over the course of the season by accumulating 10 games played at another position. Pitchers can gain eligibility by accumulating 3 starts or 5 relief appearances. Also, a player may have a default position added to his eligibility at anytime before, during, or after the draft, as determined by Fantrax. While a player may gain eligibility at other positions, he will never lose eligibility at any position he initially qualified for or earned over the course of the season. Players with multiple-position eligibility can be used to fill any roster positions for which they are eligible. Injured Reserve Injured Reserve is not used. Injured/disabled players can be placed in any Active or Reserve slot on your roster. Lineup Periods & Deadlines Lineup Periods begin with the first MLB game each Period. Each Lineup Period encapsulates all games up until the next Lineup Period begins. Lineup Periods begin every Monday and Friday. However, the first Lineup Period will begin with the first game on Opening Day (Thursday), and will run through Sunday (Lineup Period 1 will start on Thursday rather than Friday for the first Period), and any lineup changes made after this time will apply to the following Lineup Period, which begins the following Monday. Lineups can be changed twice weekly, meaning your starting hitters and your starting pitchers can be replaced for each semi-weekly Lineup Period (normally Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday). Lineups become locked for any player on your roster 5 minutes prior to the first scheduled game of the upcoming Period. Each Lineup Period encapsulates all MLB games up until the next Lineup Period begins. You have up until 5 minutes before the start of the first game of each Lineup Period to set your lineup for that period. Once that deadline has passed, you can only execute transactions (i.e. activating and reserving a player) for the following Lineup Period and any Lineup Period thereafter. If you do not set your lineup for a particular period, your lineup from the previous period will be used. Should the start of the first scheduled game of a Period be postponed/cancelled, the lineups will not lock based on the start time of the original postponed/cancelled game. As soon as a game becomes postponed, the lock time will immediately shift based on the earliest upcoming scheduled start time of the other games (that are not postponed). The gametimes and deadlines are not official and subject to change - we will update them as quickly as possible should there be any changes.The deadline may be moved to an earlier time if a make-up game is scheduled to begin earlier than the original start time of the Period. You will be notified of the upcoming deadline for each period on your league homepage. Period 1 will begin on Opening Day (Thursday) and will run through Sunday. Lineup changes made after the Period 1 deadline will apply to Period 2, which begins the next Monday. If a game is suspended and then completed in a different period, that game will count towards the period it originally took place in. Stats from the All-Star game do not count. The last day of the contest is on Sunday, September 29, 2019. Stats from any games played after that day do not count. Important All-star break note: MLB has added a Thursday game following the All-star game. The Thursday following the All-star game will be a 1-day Lineup Period. The lineup deadline for the Thursday following the All-star game will be 5 minutes prior to the start of the first game (if more than one) on that day. You may make changes as usual for the Period beginning the Friday after the All-star game, with the lineup deadline being 5 minutes prior to the first scheduled game that Friday. Claiming & Dropping Players New player claims are not allowed. Trading is also not allowed. You will play the entire season with the 50 players you draft. Activating & Reserving Players (Start/Bench switches) After the deadline for the first Lineup Period has passed and your initial starting team has been formed, you must use the Team Roster screen to make lineup changes to your team. A lineup change is considered moving a player from one status (Active or Reserve) to another status, or changing an Active player's position. Generally when you activate a player, you must in turn reserve a player, unless you already have an open Active roster slot. Once you have finished making your lineup changes, you must click the "Submit" button. If the changes you make result in your team not meeting all of the roster position requirements (see Managing Your Team --> Roster Setup), you will not be allowed to finalize your changes. If your changes do result in meeting all of the roster position requirements, then you will then have the opportunity to review the changes you have made before finalizing them. Scoring Your Fantasy team is comprised of real-life MLB players, and the statistics that those players accumulate are based on their real-life performances throughout the course of this contest. The scoring system that is used in this contest can be viewed in the League Rules Summary screen, Scoring section. Several statistical categories are tracked, and each one is assigned a weight. Teams are ranked against each other within your league based on the stats accumulated in each statistical category. The team with the highest total in any category will receive 15 points. The team with the lowest total in any category will receive 1 point. The points earned for all categories are then totaled to give your team an overall total. Standings will be reflected by each team's overall total. Scoring Notes Players will only accumulate stats for their team for official MLB regular season games, starting on Thursday, March 28, 2019, and ending on Sunday, September 29, 2019. Should there be any games played after this date, stats from those games will not count. Stats from players involved in games prior to your league's start date will not count as part of this contest. Pitchers will not accumulate any stats when hitting, and hitters will not accumulate any stats if pitching. Stats by a player on your bench, stats by a player before being added to your team, and stats by a player after being dropped from your team do not contribute to your team's stat total. All Active players will accumulate stats for their team regardless of what position they're playing at on their MLB team. There is a minimum Innings Pitched requirement of 1000 for the season. Failure to reach this minimum will result in being ranked last in each of the averaged pitching categories (ERA and WHIP) in your league. All stats & scores on every page (Team Roster, Players, League Standings, etc.) are updated in real-time except for the Overall Standings page, which is updated every few minutes. Official Scoring changes made by MLB will be applied to your league if they come in within 3 days (72 hours) after the end of any game. Any Official Scoring changes which come in after this time will not be reflected in your leagues stats/scores/standings. Contest Winners: 1st Place: The team with the most Rotisserie points for the season. 2nd Place: The team with the 2nd most Rotisserie points for the season. 3rd Place: The team with the 3rd most Rotisserie points for the season. Prizes Prizes for this league can be found in the League Rules Summary, Prizes section. Cash prizes are awarded in U.S. dollars. In the case of a tie, winnings will be split equally between those tied. For example, if there is a 2-way tie for 1st place, the winnings will be distributed as follows to each of the 2 teams: (1st place prize + 2nd place prize)/2. Results become official 3 days (72 hours) after the season ends. Prize winnings will be posted to your Fantrax Account approximately 3 days AFTER RESULTS BECOME OFFICIAL (see above). You can then choose to withdraw those funds via check or Paypal.
  3. Starts tomorrow 3 hour clock. draft 50 players no adds drops trades etc. Standard 5 x 5 Roto rules. $50 Email me at for more info or if you want to join here is the link. 100% payout
  4. If roto Im in and leaguesafe. Let me know
  5. I have had this league for a few years now, we have 9 coming back we need three. Drafts this Sunday October 14th @ 7:00 pm. If you want more info email me at or heck even text me or call me at 956-532-8769. I am sure most of you know me as I have either been in your leagues or you were in one of mine. By the way name is brian. If you want me to invite you. you could also post your email address. Thanks
  6. This is true. He is a good commish but he doesn’t pay his entry fee as he says it takes effort to be a commish. Lot of leagues out there that have 100% payouts.
  7. Put me down for $200 league. Send me invite.
  8. 9/12 paid. 3 more if you want in and will pay right now. let me know and I will invite.
  9. sending invite now, make sure you are ready to pay 8/12 have paid. Leaguesafe info is on the league home page.
  10. let me know if you didn't get invite, please pay immediately the first 12 that pay are in. THanks
  11. 7/12 paid..IF anyone would like to join shoot me an email or leave an email here. Draft tonight at 8:30 central
  12. five have paid, 12 have been invited, if you want in and will pay right away leave your email we will start replacing owners. Thanks