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  1. Stuff looked pretty good, especially when he was ahead in the count, he was able to sit them down (hence the 8Ks). The Cubs got most of their damage against him in the 4th. He gave up a single to Schwarber, hit Contreras, and then gave up a 3 run bomb to freaking Descalso. Kris Bryant later drove in Hayward (who was walked) on a nice little double, but besides that the Cubs didn’t really square him up in his short outing. The worst part about the start was his inefficient pitch count pretty much throughout. He was taking counts very deep every time and went like 35 pitches through two inning and 55 after three. I knew regardless of the struggles in the 4th, he was looking at short night. Again, stuff looked really good. Just kind of scares me that because of the struggles the 2nd and 3rd time through lineup, and the inefficiency, that they may eventually go back to using him as a RP if their rotation can get to the point where there is a lot of good startings going, like possibly after Nelson returns.
  2. I agree. As an Angles fan, I thought before the season Jim Johnson was weirdly going to end up getting saves this year. I am however still on the Keynan side of things. I think the last two days were more about Key just coming off the DL. I think even more so last night because he did pitch the day before. Coming back from an elbow discomfort, I thought that was the smart too. His command before the injury was a little bit unsettling. But I actually thought Scioscia was on board with him closing it out. He was one of the more consistent guys I’ve seen him use in a while. I think as long as Keynan continues to show decent command he will end up/stay there.
  3. I don't think there is any point of even trying to sell right now. He is currently at an all-time low. I would a least ride it out until he shows some signs of life. I can't imagine too many owners even giving another top 25ish starter right now for him. You really can't even go after the Cubs homer in your league right now.
  4. Needed to bring this back because I think it’s going to be the truth. Soto doesn’t run like Ronald so the hype won’t be as crazy, but Juan’s bat is all kinds of special. Checking this guys game on as much as I can right now. Reminds me of Votto. I think he is pushing his way to AA early this summer and will be talked about coming up after the first month next MLB season. I know it might take a decent amount, but I would honestly be checking how much it would take to acquire this guy, if I didn’t already have him in every league. He should be held in high regards right now by any competent owner. I still think most are underrating it because he hasn’t dont it enough or at a hit level yet, but it is coming. If guy stays healthy, he is going to be a fantasy monster.
  5. Really? I put: 7innings, 5 hits, 1 earned, 1 bb, 9ks He went: 6innings, 6 hits, 2 earned, 6ks Yeah, you really got me there.
  6. I look forward to coming back to this thread later tonight. There are a lot of things that might worry me in this world.. A Clayton Kershaw start vs the Dback is/will never be one of them. Tonight prediction: 7innings, 5 hits, 1 earned, 1bb, 9ks (W)
  7. Absolutely. I see the Xander comp for sure. Most likely a little less in the average department, counting stats (specifically power/speed) I can see being very similar. I was just referring to the limited fantasy potential some saw in Lindor coming up, and how I believe Adames in falling into a similar bin. Lindor showed more speed than Adames has, but Lindor had a max of 11 home runs in one season down there. He then of course popped off for 30+ last season in the bigs. I can see Adames growing into some unannounced power. I feel like most people expected Xander to grow into an elite fantasy SS throughout his prospect rankings. Maybe it that was just me. Again though, I think the Xander comp is right on point.
  8. Agreed. Never really ideal. At the time I didn't think it was the worst thing in the world. He walked Sanchez in a 1 run game, to face then face the bottom of lineup (Walker, Andujar, Torres). Bedrosian hasn't given up a run in his last 5 outings and the stuff has looked better. Again, I still don't think this makes a huge swing. But Kenyan also doesn't have a track record in the role by any means. I am an owner/fan of Kenyan for sure. But I am in a league deep enough to speculate on Bedrosian again here too already.
  9. Yeah because guys that have started in the minors only to come up and take average players jobs has never happened. Go look at the Cody Bellinger thread from last season. I am not "incoherent". Trust me, you're not so advanced in your thoughts that people can't keep up. I understand what you're saying. It is just ridiculous.
  10. Yes, run prevention does matter. No, made up scernios like "If he was out there he wouldn't have made those plays" BS - is in fact not a real thing. It is a weird bias, made up by a strange drive to an invalid point being made.
  11. Even better. Thanks for explaining that ridiculous theory. I don't even care if he was to get sent down. I do really like the swing and think the potential is there. But there is some weird straw grasping here and some strange love for a average guy coming back from injury who couldn't get PT in Arizona before this. For a reason. I get it though, you listen to Yankees talk shows.
  12. Bro - Andujar was at DH TONIGHT. So why don't you actually watch instead of making up fielding issues. Geez, saying the guy blew the game on defense when he wasn't even out there is pretty bad. Makes a lot of what you say less credible IMO.
  13. Kenyan blew one against the Yankees up 3-2. It wasn't horrible, he just started off with a walk to Sanchez and then Adujar ripped a double. They then intentionally loaded the bases and Gardner hit a sack fly. He got out of it after that and left the inning tied up at 3-3. I am hoping the Angels walk it off here so it doesn't seem to hurt as much. I still don't think it will move the needle much, I think he has some decent leash right now. But not a great outing either.
  14. Not doing the play by play thing here... but just ripped another double in the top of the 9th down 1 off of the Angels closer. 2nd of the game tonight 2 for 4. Just saying.
  15. I really like this guy. Went 5 innings, 5 hits, 2 earned (1 he on with a single), 9 Ks @home vs the Yankees. The season numbers aren't going to look pretty right now, but I think he has pitched much better than those will show. I have watched every start this season, and mostly all of his since joining the Halos. He was a top prospect coming up with the Marlins, top 25 range I believe. He got flipped to the Angels in the Kendricks deal and had a 3.49 in 18 starts (105 innings) back in 2015. He is two years now removed from TJ surgery and it looks like he is now improving from the previous form. He has a deceiving delivery and can spot his fastball very well. That typically ranges 92-93 and he can add a tick or so if needed. The secondary stuff is a pretty solid mixture. So far, he has really been inducing K's. He currently has 22 punch outs in 14 innings. He was rolling through 4 last outing against the Giants, but had one bad inning there in the 4th where 7 got tacked on him. That is why the ERA will still sit above 7 right now. Again, that isn't telling the whole story. I know he is still an injury risk (high alert), the Angels 6 man rotation stuff and inconsistency so far. But he is passing the eye test right now, on a team that is pretty solid (especially on D) and I think he is a deeper league gem, interesting dynasty buy, and a guy to possibly watch in the shallow leagues.