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  1. Hopefully we get a result. He went to specialist twice and no follow up news. They Memphis listed him Day-to-day. It is very ridiculously not transparent
  2. I would take a solid top 50 players for him. His trade value is probably not as good his true value tho since everyone knows you picked him up from waiver wire. Most GM won't give you something they drafted for a guy you picked up.
  3. I saw this guy is visiting a specialist blurb "twice". No news is a good news ? If you have hold on him for so long, just wait to find out.
  4. Just dropped Mit Rob for him. Not starting but solid game. Tonight is playing without real play makers to feed him easy baskets. Very encouraging.
  5. Two games this week made him super annoying to own. The Larry on Larry crime makes me wanna cry...
  6. He was dropped in my 12 team league this week. With Denver getting healthy, Beasley is only a handcuff of Harris and Barton. He deserve more minutes tho.
  7. Finally a positive news today. Is Justin Holidays big minutes a concern for SloMo? I can’t trust Bickerstaff...
  8. I dont expect him to play too much right out of gate, but he needs to be grabbed everywhere.
  9. Wait till tomorrow for MRI Confirmation. LeVert was dropped and picked up on so many league. Just wait for one day. For real basketball, hope Dipo has speedy recovery. He is breaking out like a superstar in front of our eyes. This is real devastating for Pacers.
  10. This kid fouled out in 17 minutes. With this production, he has so much more room to improve. Hopefully he figures it out. Kanters post game interview today was cleared that he wants to be out of NY.
  11. I am holding couple more games. Patience patience patience. Maybe he needs another hair cut?
  12. Man, I know it is disappointing for fantasy. In real basketball, this is a huge blow to the Pelicans. It feels like AD is def leaving if they missed the playoff and it is inevitable with this AD injury.