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  1. Who would you guys rather start in championship week? Wentz or Fitzpatrick ?? Both are shaky but wentz has been playing better as of lately while fitz has the better matchup. Thanks again!!
  2. I am seriously torn about who to start for finals. Wentz has been my QB all season but the cowboys have had his number. This is a win or go home for the Eagles so i'm expecting him to perform. Or do i go with Fitz and the dolphins who have been airing it out the last couple of games. Thanks!
  3. my only concern is that he **** the bed last time he played the cowboys (like under 10 points), but obviously this is a win or go home situation for the eagles irl so i'm wondering if he'll produce alot better than last time.
  4. are you guys starting him for the ship? debating if i should ride him out [...]
  5. You guys dropping or holding ? He was on my bench so tempted to drop for some players or DEF on bye right now
  6. updated to projected 4.83 points in yahoo
  7. I picked him up last week but my league is pretty active. Although I highly doubt he’s back, I would consider stashing AB next week or the week after to see how his hearing goes.. couldn’t hurt
  8. Someone actually just offered me McLaurin for him if you were curious about return.
  9. assuming he performs well, do you guys ride him out for the season or sell high?
  10. thanks for the responses so far guys! a part of me still thinks shady will win the backfield, but i may be biased cause he helped me win the championship 3 years ago.. logically the upside is probably way higher with McLaurin.
  11. Hey guys, I usually don't trade much but someone just offered me either MY LeSean McCoy/Dissly for either MClaurin/Olsen or Thompson/Olsen. My current WRs and RBs are WR: Julio Jones, OBJ, Sammy Watkins, Deebo Samuel RB: Sony Michel, David Montgomery, LeSean McCoy, Duke Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Jeff Wilson Would favor McLaurin over Thompson in the deal, but kind of leaning towards keeping Shady since he could possibly take over this backfield but wanted some second opinions. Thanks in advance!
  12. debating hard right now between golladay and corey davis myself..
  13. anyone rolling the dice on DET vs BUF? they actually produced against a weak ARI team last week, thinking they can get it going against BUF this week.
  14. never thought i would be starting an unknown TE in playoffs but can't be worse than burton's 3-4 points lately..
  15. I'm in the same boat as you guys too.. anyone actually considering starting both? maybe flex jackson but idk would think that if Gordon is good to go hes good to play the whole game.