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  1. This is for a seasonal, non-PPR league. I think the obvious answer here is Kelley (he's currently on my roster) but I was looking at opportunity/future. I'd have to think they're going to give Perine the ball, often even with Gore there. 100% WHIR.
  2. Here's what I can tell you - if I was Ju Ju and my contract was expiring at the end of this year, I'd be a tad concerned about having to find a new team next season.
  3. I have Claypool in a dynasty league and am very happy to be an owner. With that said, you have a very effective receiver in Diontae Johnson - Claypool saw the touches he did as a result of Johnson being hurt/out of the game. Interesting to see how they begin to use Claypool WITH Johnson/JuJu.
  4. Lovely! He MAY play and of course... it’s a Monday night game. Not starting him - I can’t chance him not playing. Good luck to you all rolling the dice!
  5. Note: I own Claypool in a dynasty format. The fact that Diontae was out of the game in Week 3 rather early, Claypool saw 78% of all snaps & had a grand total of............ four targets. I know many on this thread want to accelerate this guy - he's just not at that point... yet.
  6. THIS Why would you have drafted him and now want to "sell high"? Do people really think fantasy owners are going to give you more all of a sudden because of one fantastic week?
  7. 1. He has every single skillset you want in a lead back outside of top level/elite speed 2. Legit was playing against one of the elite teams in the game with a YMCA-level QB throwing the football As I've mentioned - go ahead & not move to get him on your roster. Those that were shrewd enough to already have him or stash him will reap the rewards.
  8. I'll state this again - why are people overthinking this? In fantasy football you need to react to what's happening - Harris is the clear #1 back with Michel on the IR. After not playing all of last year, and the first three games this year, he saw 17 carries yesterday with a YMCA-level QB throwing the football. If you think Rex Burkhead is going to be their primary back - God Bless ya.
  9. Why? Burkhead will get his 4-6 carries tonight as he always does - White will come in on purely passing downs. I'd be quite surprised if Harris doesn't see 15+ carries tonight IF they can keep it close with Hoyer behind center & aren't forced to throw the ball to stay in the game.
  10. Don't overthink this - everything out of camp was they loved this guy & wanted him to be their primary back. Michel went on IR, Burkhead certainly isn't an every down back. It's Harris time baby!
  11. THIS. Simply have a proxy player that is on the WW right now (or someone on your bench) that you'd use otherwise and you can enter them into your lineup if the NE/KC game isn't played.
  12. 1) We previously had added an extra bench spot 2) If you have a player who goes on the COVID list, you can put them on IR and pick someone else up 3) Commish just sent out a note about designating a proxy player in case the KC/NE game isn't played. By noon tomorrow, you have to post a proxy player that will get entered into your lineup if the KC/NE game is not played & you had a player playing in that game in your starting lineup.
  13. HA HA HA HA! See my post directly above yours - you're spot on correct! Software developers would be scrambling.
  14. Although what WOULD be interesting are fantasy platforms we play on - Yahoo/ESPN etc. Is the back-end programmed to allow a week to not end, end of day on Monday & aggregate standings, if a game is played on Tuesday? Oh boy....
  15. BINGO! Altering the entire schedule is literally the last option they want to consider - they'd probably move bye weeks first, and I'm fairly confident that's pretty low on the totem pole of options as well.