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  1. It's because Shady actually has looked the best of the three, fumbles aside. He's broken tackles and done well with the usage he's got, and regularly gets chunk gains. Damien had 2 big runs/catches and otherwise is mostly useless, while Darrel is a plodder who's good at the GL. Shady not taking the job has less to do with how he's looked and more to do with injuries, ball security, and Reid's questionable rotation/usage of his RBs all season long.
  2. Would you for Forbath? He's the only decent option on the wire. I expect TB to get in scoring position quite a bit vs Jax however.
  3. I've got Matt Gay but hearing about the potential winds in Jax, combined with his already shaky accuracy (but strong leg nonetheless), considering a pivot to Forbath vs Hou. Not sure how reliable he'll be given he hasn't kicked in a year but Pats K always seems like a lock for 8pts at least. Those Gay missed XPs cost me badly last week as well. Right move?
  4. I like Chubb and the two Chargers RBs - they wont get much done throwing against Denver's secondary. Freeman is an iffy play coming off that injury. As for QB I think i'd go Kyler for the rushing floor. thanks for mine.
  5. I mean your only other WR option is Fitz so I think you gotta roll the dice on Julio, he's always questionable and always ends up suiting up. You could pivot to Gage in the same game if Julio is out and you're able to find out before game time.
  6. Monty, you can't trust the 3rd stringer to get anything done vs the Bears pass rush.
  7. I'd go Landry and Diggs and maybe pivot to Parker if Thielen ends up playing. ARob is a solid choice too but you have to roll him out tmrw and he could have Slay covering him and Trubisky is never a lock to throw well.
  8. I would probably go Parker since he's established a pretty solid floor and is healthier than Cooper. Tre White may shadow Cooper as well, who doesn't do well when he's shadow covered. Miami will need to throw as they always do.
  9. Tough call but I'd have to go with Watson for the rushing upside. Ryan may have a hobbled Julio to throw to and Saints will be looking for revenge for 2 weeks ago.
  10. Winston and Cousins. Allen has a tough matchup on the road in Dallas on thanksgiving where the Cowboys always show up for.
  11. I'd go with Scarborough, he's gonna see 15+ rushes guaranteed with the 3rd string QB playing, just maybe not too many scoring opps. Hyde's matchup is terrible overall and hard to trust vs the Pats.
  12. Yup that seems about right. Don't see anyone on your bench i'd start over those options.
  13. My season is on the line, I need to win (plus get a bit of help) to get in the playoffs as the last seed in my standard scoring league. Need to fill my WR2 and Flex slot from the following choices: Shepard vs GB Westbrook vs TB Marquise Brown vs SF McCoy vs Oak I'm leaning towards going with Shepard at WR2 since Tate looks iffy and he sees 9 targets a game even with Tate in the lineup, and GB isn't a horrible matchup esp at home. For flex, Shady has a good matchup at home and is a decent bet for a TD if Damien is out and I think KC is gonna feast on Oakland. Hollywood has the worst matchup of the bunch and the least predictable target volume, but I think the most upside of all options given the way the Ravens are rolling right now. Westbrook has a great matchup and is seeing decent volume, but still has to contend with Chark and Conley, also i'm playing Fournette at RB and don't want to be that reliant on the Jags in a must win week. What's my best play??? WHIR guaranteed as always, just leave a link. thx.