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  1. Seattle has given up a TD to a TE in 3 out of their last 4 games if i'm not mistaken, hopefully it's to Goedert and not Rick Rodgers this week.
  2. I'd roll the dice on Hinton based on those options. Shep has a great floor but not much of a ceiling. The only other option would be Wilkins but who knows with the Indy backfield (even with Taylor out). Hinton is the wildcard but I think he'll have a pretty ok floor of 8-10pts and upside of who knows, which for a WR/Flex is great.
  3. Yes I would add a 3rd D. If you're set for the playoffs and you don't see yourself starting Mims (based on your roster I can't see how you would) then the better use of the bench spot is to plan out your future D starts, and block other playoff teams from having a D option. As for the specific add of KC, i'd rather being looking at Arizona who's got 3 great playoff matchups (NYG, PHI, SF) if they're available and pairing them with Wash (you can drop LV after wk 13). If Miami plays Fitz that may not yield as many points as you're expecting, but the idea is right.
  4. I'd go Reagor, the matchup is great and Philly is gonna need to throw a lot and he's got the upside. Lazard i'm not sold on playing behind Adams, and Fulgham is fading as a useful start it seems.
  5. Depends on where you are for playoff positioning. Personally I wouldn't risk it, since I think they will push the game to week 18 if there are more cases on the Ravens side and you may not find out until Monday. You could get some insurance and grab someone like Reagor if they're available to buy yourself an extra day to find out (doubt there's any RBs from the MNF game available - maybe Hyde).
  6. Fitzy and I don't think it's close. Rivers is playing on a gimpy toe, and if given their druthers Indy wants to run. Fitz vs the Jets should def get you ceiling game from him.
  7. Breida, vs the Jets could get a lot of usage. Hyde isn't gonna be reliable as the COP to Carson.
  8. I think you go Carson. He's a TD beast, and Seattle gets in scoring position a lot. Yes it gives you 3 Seahawks, but the matchup is right. I wouldn't start ARob with Trubisky starting (I could see a case for it in PPR tho), and Hill to me is very meh, he could get you some points but I think Carson has way more upside and is the more talented RB on the better team that's playing for something. Whoever has started for Seattle this year has had at least 1 TD in every game (Carson, Dallas, Collins, Hyde). Thx for mine.
  9. He's gonna be their QB, but unlike Taysom, this guy is a complete unknown, and also WR is a lot deeper than TE. I'd be playing him over Mike Williams who can have big games w Herbs at QB.
  10. Added Hinton and i'm pretty tempted to start him. I burned one of my two flex spots already on Lamb who got me a whopping 2.1 pts. I'd have to play him over one of Mike Williams, Diggs, Carson, Hunt, or Gallman - so basically Williams. I feel like they both have similar floors and similar ceilings but Hinton looks pretty mobile and maybe more upside? I'm 6-5 in my league and 8 teams out of 12 make the playoffs, and i'm playing the team tied for 1st overall. It's non-ppr scoring. Do I roll the dice? WHIR guaranteed as always, just leave a link. Thx.
  11. I added him, mainly to block the other owners in my league who are in covid hell, and as a troll. But i'm seriously thinking about rolling him out over Mike Williams. The floors could easily be equal. His college highlights/stats don't seem to be bad, honestly he could be just as underwhelming as Taysom is.
  12. Koo is a beast, he's been my most reliable non-QB outside of Diggs on my team. He gives you such an edge weekly over pretty much everyone else. Atl can move the ball but can't score to save their lives, and he's got the 50+ yard leg to boot, and their coach knows it. He's easy money.
  13. I'd add him again just to block other owners in my league from starting him, but no chance i'd play him 1st game back. If you've got no other options then couldnt hurt but prob more reliable options regardless. Rick Rodgers out there feasting for some reason so Ertz could produce, but he looked seriously washed this season when he was healthy and it looks like Wentz has gotten worse as the season has gone on.
  14. Honestly it was a good week for TEs overall, and there are a few combos that could've seen someone sit DG for a different option. I sat him [...] DG is clearly the superior talent, but that doesn't always translate to fant points in the end.