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  1. If Embiid is back tonight, who should I drop to make room: Nunn, Donte, or Bruce Brown?
  2. seems like he's playing tomorrow hopefully we dont see mcrae cuts into his minutes too much
  3. lets hope the night off + maliks suspension get this dud back on track for playoffs
  4. drop city or worth a hold? he was rosterable on det but ill assume his usage goes way down on the clips
  5. and embiid is 1/10 at the half right now smh
  6. man u know there weren't many deadline winners when the forums full of dudes arguing about the necessity of a sig lmao
  7. weird deadline....some teams loading up on bigs, others going small ball
  8. yes and no....deadline is in an hour, but i think the rule is they have to be on the call by 3....trades will keep rolling in all evening
  9. took a flier on bell this morning smh houston is allergic to Cs
  10. yup youre right i cant read a calendar lol
  11. this dude was a beast when luka was out earlier this season. dal has 3 more games this week. run dont walk
  12. really hope tmz was hacked and this is fake
  13. i could see conley getting moved considering they went 10-1 while he was injured before isaac went down i had gordon pegged as a trade target but now they probably need him to stay basically any player who is under performing on their current team is a trade target imo
  14. getting scooped in a lot of leagues, was there any news hes coming back?
  15. team in sig, got offered booker and mitchrob for my trae. do you think it is enough? WHIR
  16. hes been so consistent this season, i see this as a shooting slump that will pass and a buy low moment for owners that can stomach the fg% in the meantime
  17. both were borderline 12 team rosterable when ibaka was out, so gasol being out should open up the same opportunity as before. id predict boucher has a few good games and a few duds, and rhj provides more consistently each night but i dont see either blowing up and becoming must own guys
  18. 4/4 ft so far tonite first time he hasnt hurt me there this season
  19. its buy low because of the 0 point game vs the raps. i think his buy low moment is ending tho, id consider him borderline first round also, but people undervalue him because he'll miss games. they just announced he'll play tonight for the back to back, and he did the same last week, so his value is rising again. he is a high-risk high-reward kind of guy because he can put up monster lines but he can also get into fights with other players and get suspended for multiple games. id put him in the top 20, maybe top 15 if he doesnt miss games
  20. I dropped him, so expect him to go off tonight
  21. Nick Nurse doesn't think hes all that talented "He's not the most skillful guy, gets everything done on effort. Went out there and played hard, the ball found him a few times. He made some great finishes, ran down a couple loose balls. That's kind of what he is, doesn't really need to keep much sharp because he plays so hard." -Nick Nurse on RHJ