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  1. I’m glad you came back to quote my post. Do you want to have a serious discussion or you want to troll? Let me know.
  2. For technicality, i think they just finish the season out with empty seats like they had planned, once all the players and staff are tested.
  3. because not all of us play H2H? Roto we still have about 19 games unaccounted for.
  4. Okay. So who is dropping Gobert? Since y’all so mad at him.
  5. Thank You OG. In the two leagues who dropped him. Thank you!
  6. Dang, we bringing fear tactics to the NBA as well. Let’s list. h1N1 SaRS Ebola Bird Flu Swine Flu How many games were cancelled?
  7. Play fantasy baseball. You draft like 40 players.