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  1. Why does this trade increase his value? Porzingis and Kleber will get more run at center then him
  2. The difference is that now they have literally no one else.
  3. Run as fast as you can to pick this guy up with Markkanen out
  4. Must add with the Plumlee news? Millsap doesn’t seem near and they may just do a lot of small ball?
  5. Must add now that Plumlee is out for weeks? Millsap doesn’t seem that close either.
  6. Yeah I would probably do that. If it’s H2H then for sure
  7. Kind of hoping he comes back strong and then I can trade him before the playoffs due to their schedule and potential rest.
  8. You guys still stashing? I’m wondering if to pick him up now since reports said he will return around all star break. Should get a decent sized role I’d imagine, not like there is a lot of competition there.
  9. What kind of line are you guys expecting? Is 15 pts, 2-3 rebs, 5 assists, 0.7 steals and 1 three possible?
  10. Safely into playoffs so can afford a stash. Wendell Carter was dropped so wondering how much of my FAAB I should spend on him. I have $62/$100 left, so what amount do you think? People with his potential don’t come on the wire often.
  11. Is he a must add? Won’t this just solidify Culver’s role?
  12. Agreed. Just a little hesitant to make an add until we know the extent of the injury which may be too late. I’m stashing nance and curry and Prince is my worst player. Not sure I want to give one of those guys up for what could be a 2 game rental