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  1. I have this same trio after trading for Harden and hoping it takes me to the promised land. I even had House for a bit but he's fizzled.
  2. My team had 56 blocks last week 😳. He’s killing it!!
  3. More blocks than Whiteside and Robinson in the last two weeks. All hail the lord.
  4. Bye bye. Not worth owning I’m a ten team. At least I got harden with him in the trade.
  5. I feel ya. My team of Curry, Bagley, Isaac, Conley, MitchRob didn't get me going to well. I'm somehow still in 2nd place...
  6. If he doesn’t put up 10/8 with 4 blocks tomorrow he’s gone. Not worth a headache or roster spot.
  7. This line floats my boat. Keep it going kid!