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  1. I hope the thing that suffers the most is Parker's Jaw. #freeportis
  2. Drop Hield for Lamb. Hield might not even start and Sacto is a wasteland. Lamb is starting now and I wish I had him. Also your FG% wont be great regardless with this team unless you grab a few more big's. Also update your signature
  3. Gotta be able to field a lineup still... I'm sure there will be a PG or two i can grab for gortat.
  4. Portis is a flyer as he will start for about two months until Lauri is back. Easy to drop after that. Grabbed Brogdon as he'll start for MIL and i need a PG and think hell be healthy and better than he was as a rookie. Gortat was another random grab as he'll start and solidifies rebounds and blocks for me. I only see this team lacking in assists. what else do you see?
  5. I would take it and grab the hot FA the first week. there is always someone who isn't on a team who ends up being a top 50 player. I don't like ROCO this year. Help:
  6. Lyles. Could be the nuggs 6th man. Help:
  7. No idea how some of these guys fell to me. This is a very competitive keeper league (we reset this year). Pick # / Player / Round 4 Karl-Anthony Towns Min, C 1 21 Paul George OKC, SF 2 28 Rudy Gobert Utah, C 3 45 Otto Porter Jr. Wsh, SF 4 52 Aaron Gordon Orl, PF 5 69 Gary Harris Den, SG 6 76 Jeff Teague Min, PG 7 93 Malcolm Brogdon Mil, SG 8 100 Taurean Prince Atl, SF 9 117 Danilo Gallinari LAC, SF 10 124 Marcin Gortat LAC, C 11 141 Bobby Portis Chi, PF 12 148 Kent Bazemore Atl, SG 13
  8. Steph is out, now Klay. 2 game lead on 8th place for the playoffs (top 8 make it) and I'm getting pounded by the 6th place guy. My top 3 picks, with Zingis, all out when I need them. Bye bye playoffs
  9. I'm in the same boat. Now my top 3 (including zingis) have been lost to me and I'm getting pounded and in 7th place (top 8 make playoffs) by two games this week. bye bye playoffs
  10. That drop is a no brianer. Did you have nobody else?
  11. Would that actual be a bad thing? Would free up the spot for a hot FA
  12. JJ Reddick to go down so RoCo can become consistent and get his shots.
  13. That might have been a big mistake. Harrison has been balling at PG and will keep the job going forward. Evans not moving won't change much. The last game they played together Harrison went 11/5/6. You do have a ton of PG's though...
  14. the hell happened to Bam last night?! oh well. Leggo DJA!
  15. Dropped Bam for DJA Might drop Murray for Hill or KOQ. Murray has too much upside right now if he keeps playing through the ankle. KOQ hasn't done anythign in the past with Zingis gone so i have to see to believe.
  16. Needed a stream spot for tonight so dropped Bam for him. Still have two more moves this week so I'm not worried if he sucks it up.
  17. If they trade Jack maybe but there is 4 PGS now (Burke, Frenchy, Mudiay and Jack)
  18. I meant you're serious that he's in the mix. He might not even make it to Utah before he gets bought out. Nothing to see here.
  19. If he's available, time to find a new league to join.