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  1. MIA is back available. got a guy, got in, never did anything, now not contactable. slow drafted so far online rest of draft is tomorrow (sept 9th) 9 pm eastern. 1. MIA: non snake, drafts out of the 10th slot in all rounds. traded away it's 2nd rounder, got back 2.12 QB: fitz, rivers RB: hunt, c.thompson, richards, jacobs, dobbins (obtained at 1.9) WR: landry, parker, a.wilson, stills, c.samuel, j.grant, aiyuk got at 2.12, which just happened) TE: gesicki, witten K: bailey, boswell team D: SF, ATL DL: guy, hunter, c.wilkins, jj watt LB: j.baker, whitehead, mcmilan DB: bates, s.williams, whitehead, x.howard, r.jones (MIA) league details together with the team: fantrax 16 team dynasty PPR with IDP's. also you need at least 7 players from the team of your name at all times in season (some leeway time given in event a real life trade changes your amount to less than 7). can change your name if you want. - scoring: full PPR. sacks -1, 4 pt TD throws, fairly high IDP (1.5 tackles) and team D scoring. - rosters. QB max rule is as many active from one real life team as you want, and UP TO 1 from a 2nd team, or just max 2 (so cannot have 3 active QB's from 3 different teams, this to prevent hoarding. doesn't apply to IR guys). 2 RB (max 6), 3 WR (max 7), 1 TE (max 4), 1 regular flex, 2 DL (max 4), 2 LB (max 4), 2 DB (max 4), 1 K (max 2), 1 team D (max 2). infinite IR slots for anybody that might not play for any reason. on bye week i also put all your bye week players in these, albeit all of those need to come out the next week unless they have a flag. due to this you cannot add any longer term injury from FA nor suspended nor inactive (except at the draft, where you can draft anybody you want). minimum 7 from the team of your name (IR guys count towards this). for contact.
  2. 6. 20 team redraft yahoo PPR with middle depth IDP's- draft time: we'll be picking it based on what league members can do (as many as possible), night if weekday, close to season starting date (sept 10th)- scoring: full PPR, passing TD's 4, completions 1, incompletions -1, sacks -1,everything else fairly standard- rosters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 regular flex, 2 LB, 1 DT, 1 DE, 1 S, 1 CB, 1 flex IDP, 7 BN, 10 IRavailable spots (3), send interest here.
  3. draft time picked by the times the owners can make when we're full (but near start of NFL season). need at least 3 more people here.
  4. 8 teams make playoffs. draft date decided when we fill but nothing but weekends or if weekday probably right around 8-9 pm eastern to be able to accommodate all parts of the continent.
  5. 4 openings in this. some settings changed too: 1. 10 IR slots from none (corona stuff, we've seen with baseball how these just show up out of nowhere, and that's in a sport that's the opposite of close quarters, people breathing all over each other constantly) 2. the silly 2 CB, 1 S, changed to 1 CB 1 S