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  1. The exception was because Ohtani was an exception aka split into two players. Owners forced to own both parts of Ohtani like the leagues I'm in would have been mad as hell to have to keep Pitcher Ohtani in an active roster spot last year when he didn't pitch at all. So as long as Yahoo doesn't find a workaround for their split personality players (heh) then this bandage approach is better than nothing. But yeah he should have been taken off the IL this spring by Yahoo's programmers. They dropped the ball.
  2. He (Pitcher Ohtani) was on Yahoo's IL last year and so remained there at the end of the season through to this year.
  3. That's easy. It is based on last year. If a player ended on the IL last year there he stays until baseball re-opens. And last year Ohtani the Hitter played as he was allowed to DH and had 384 ABs. But Ohtani the Pitcher didn't because he wasn't cleared to throw as yet and didn't pitch in a single game.
  4. More Rotoworld blurbs on this stuff: And another as this goes on and on:
  5. Make that VERY unlikely this gets wrapped up tomorrow, Austin.
  6. Some very sad personal news: Condolences to him and his family.
  7. I have never ever "lionize" baseball players. They are athletes, not philosophers or heroes. I can appreciate their skills but I can't lionize them just for be good athletes. There are a few exceptions that I would put in the hero class but not because they were good players though they were also that. But for bravery at a human level. Jackie Robinson who had to put up with more crap than all the other players in the league in especially his first season and standing up and bearing that horrible racism with true dignity and bravery in response. And Roberto Clemente who was trying to help out hurricane victims when it cost him his life. I am sure there are a few others involved deeply in charity too. And Ted Williams risking his life flying jets in the Korean War where he was John Glenn's wingman instead of whining about the money he had lost missing so many of his prime baseball years in WWII and Korea. But all of this is outside the confines of the game itself.
  8. Sorry but this question actually isn't allowed in this forum. If you look at the horizontal black bar right above your post that says just that. The Bench Coach Forum is for an individual's team questions so as to not clog up this main baseball forum and is this away:
  9. Latest "plan" as in still not cobbled together in total. And yeah 10,000 tests a week? What could possibly go wrong here. Summary. Throw in some tests for health care workers for PR reasons even though these workers are FINALLY getting testing at long last anyway but forget tests for the general public. Sorry but the cynic in me see this as PR stuff and not real stuff to help out. Also go home and shower and don't spit at the ball park. If endless spitting actually ceases to be a thing at ball parks I for one will declare it the most wonderful miracle of the modern era. So far no subsection on sunflower seed shell spitting though.
  10. No they don't. Some states said testing should be for free though I don't know if it is or if it is in some states and not others. Trump had said it should be free but that was just talk and no action at his federal level. But even that was just for the testing. Not for hospitalizations. Meanwhile hospital stays can run over $50,000 to $100,000 I've heard for patients ending up in intensive care. Then it depends on your health care provider -- if you have one -- and what they will pay for and what they will stick you with. That is IF you have a health care provider which many don't have to start with and which, by the way, you don't have it you were laid off unless your company agrees to keep you on their plan for a few months after laying you off. Only big companies can afford to do that and not all of them are doing it. The US is the only modern industrial state that ties health care in with an employer health care plan. I saw a thing on PBS that explained how this all came about. This weird construct started apparently during WWII when countless numbers of men were gone off to the war and there wasn't enough Rosie the Riveters to go around to cover all the massive industrial war supply production. Companies started offering "perks" to recruit workers and health care packages were the most popular. After the war the US didn't upgrade to a universal health care system and we are stuck with this weird set-up to this day. So now countless thousands of hospitalized covid-19 patients or their immediate families (if the patient died) will face massive bills that will tank that family for generations to come. Meanwhile Trump is still actively trying to destroy the last remnants of Obamacare right now in the middle of the pandemic so more people will be destroyed as well. Because once everything is taken away from you it is near impossible to crawl out of that massive hole.
  11. There are no words for people like that. It is bad enough for relatives of these victims losing them to covid-19 but then to try and take away what they suffered and died of and have these nutcases spin their crazy, crackpot conspiracy **** makes my blood boil. This is rapidly reaching the level of Holocaust deniers.
  12. Well Chris Sale will but then he has a legit excuse.
  13. I side AGAINST both the owners and the top tier players. A plague on both their houses as Shakespeare would said. Both these groups are rich to various degrees and neither of these groups are facing the possibility of homeless or inability to feed their families during the next year no matter what. But many thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of their fellow Americans will be. And to argue over whether you have 7 million in the bank this year or a "mere" 3 million sounds obscene right now. So the Players Association should tell Snell to put a sock in it because Snell is NOT helping their side at all with that stupid public rant.