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  1. DH can still happen in 2021. And if not WILL on 2022. NL teams have been investing heavily for DH in 2021 and the Players Association 100% supports it. We don't have to wait an extra year for the inevitable.
  2. Old timey IS with the DH. Been around for almost a full half century now. It is part of the old timey tradition of baseball. One of the best parts.
  3. How long are you going to beat a dead horse? You want to also roll us back pre personal cpmputers and cell phones and front wheel drive brakes as well. Lol.
  4. Lol. Most players screw up their swing if they try and change it to adapt to the shift. Many have tried and ended up in major slumps because of same. Nope. Shifts have to be regulated for sure. Shifts have unbalanced the game and forced hitters into the three true outcomes game. it is the only thing proven to work against the extreme shifts which takes the whole fun of rallies out of baseball. Extreme shifting is the villain. Remove it and we can have old timey baseball back again.
  5. It just goes to show that these lists need to be taken with a grain of salt. All the stats in the world can't measure heart or work ethic or changes a player is making or mental strength or growing baseball IQ etc etc.
  6. I agree except I want the Rays to win. Time for them to get the national respect they deserve. I agree 7 games in a row is ridiculous. In 162 season regular games that rarely happens because of travel days and off days. It is a once in a blue moon when a team play 7 straight in a row and then usually only because they are making up rain outs. To have 7 straight for a playoff series is stupid.
  7. White Sox aren't signing Trevor Bauer so that is a moot point. They aren't as desperate as a team like the Yankees or others who are willing to throw ridiculous money his way. White Sox have a nice assortment of in house options and don't need to fall into that trap. OTOH Alex Cora knows how to get the most out of his players and for a team where most of their top hitters are Latinos he is a match made in heaven. To be able to speak to Latino players in their comfort zone native language directly and to have the personal likeability skills he has gives an extra bonus that can't be underestimated. Rafael Devers grew and flourished under him in Boston. Cora became his father/big brother figure. Never underestimate the human factor. And just a minor FYI: LaRussa has worked in baseball paid by the Red Sox for a number of years as a "consultant" who actually attended in person almost every single home game and a even a few road game trips sitting right next to Dave Dombrowski at games night in and night out. We always always always got two-shots of those two sitting together during the local broadcast. Once Dombrowski was fired LaRussa just sat at home and collected the rest of the pay on his multi-year contract this season. But until this year he actually was an "active" as opposed to a "fake" consultant. But yes he should never manage again.
  8. Yeah but I just read this: Yeah no one saw that coming as it makes no sense whatsoever. If it happens the White Sox fans will be up in arms over such a stupid move.
  9. I'll bet they have Alex Cora or their short list.
  10. Yeah and he comes with strings attached as well. As in the lost of a draft pick or picks since he will undoubtedly reject the Reds qualifying offer which the Reds will make to get themselves those picks. (Just started a thread about all this so was thinking about same when I read your post). Of course this lack of pitching aces other than Bauer pushes the cost of other FA pitchers like Odorizzi much higher than they normally would be. There is another Sox team on the prowl for at least one of these types this off season as well as many many other clubs. Chicago is fortunate to have some good in house options so it isn't as crucial for them to get one of these pitchers. Finally congrats to the 2020 White Sox who showed they were just about ready for ring hunting and contended hard a year earlier than most people thought they would. It will finally be a fun and pleasant thing for you Pale Hose fans moving forward after the long time in the widerness. The years of drought are over and the spring rains came a season early. Enjoy your team for a long while to come.
  11. Thought we could maybe use a catch all for transactions, structural changes etc etc for the off season. The first here is a minor small change that could effect players entering free agency and their last team right now. Nice little explanation of what a qualifying offer is and how it is determined and the whole draft compensation or loss associated with teams losing or gaining big name free agents. Also all these little business end things about baseball can become pretty arcane pretty quick to the rest of us and it is always good to be reminded about all these rules and how they work and how they are adjusted each season etc.
  12. Also skill comes into play because you know injuries always happen and built a strong bench in the draft having researched your best back-ups that would be available.
  13. Thanks though I wish these lists would recognize that a lot of those players on the list are up to stay. What a bunch of wasted spots going to now and forever major leaguers. Yeah I know the "rookie" definition but I never bought that for removing "prospects" from a list let alone in a season that should be pro rated for only having 60 games. Not making a "completed rookie" qualification should not mean players should end up called "prospects" the following year when it is clear they simply were called up later in the previous season especially just merely mid-season this season. These guys are not some September call-ups for coffee players. End of first yearly rant on stupid prospect lists filling up their lists with very obvious major league players.
  14. One word answer. Football. They don't want to be creamed in the ratings right out of the gate in the second round by America's weird obsession with both college and pro football.
  15. I don't get why they didn't use the common higher seed playing the lowest seed match-ups in this second round. If they had it would be LA vs the Marlins and Atlanta and SD would clash. TB would have taken on the Astros on behalf of America and the A's would have had a throw down with the Yankees. Much better match-ups for me because these teams didn't play each other this whole short season at all. But the way it is now every single damn match-up is within a team's division. Seems stupid and stale. They have been playing each other all season long. Seems like just regular season games this way. AL East (1st Seed-Rays) vs AL East (5th Seed-Yankees). And AL West (2nd Seed-A's) vs AL West (6th Seed-Astros). Then NL East (2nd Seed-Braves) vs NL East (6th Seed-Marlins) and NL West (1st Seed-Dodgers) vs NL West (4th Seed-Padres). In playoffs you usually get to see unusual and rarer match-ups which makes it more exciting. And again why did the highest vs lowest seeding used in baseball every other time and in all other sports as well get discarded for this round. It does not computed. Also the Central Division in both leagues did not fair too well did they. 🤔