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  1. Last thing they need is another Harper-like mega-contract. Let Alex Bohm take over 3B sometime this season.
  2. Arizona is third best if not second best. Good solid rotation and some decent hitting. Colorado will never have great pitching because of their location. What free agent starter wants to go to Coors.
  3. Sounds like Arendo wants out of Colorado at this point:
  4. I can't see the pictures via twitter links, only via http to twitter links so don't know what you mean by bulk. But if Gary has become muscle bound that isn't a good thing. Ball players need more flex than anything. Bulking up lead directly to Andrew Benitendi's lousy season last year. He got rid of the "bulk" this off season so should bounce back some. So please tell me Gary didn't do the muscle-bound thing. That never ever works in baseball.
  5. As I recall he was slow out of the gate and pretty bad the first half of the season too.
  6. Moose for sure and especially in Cincy which is one of THE most hitter friendly parks in all of baseball. Meanwhile Kimbrel is basically toast at this point. He was really bad in the last couple of years. He isn't going to bounce back ever.
  7. Never heard that. So 12 and 1/2 days for Ohtani if he gets injured? 😉
  8. Yeah IL makes me think they are either "ill" or living in Illinois.
  9. The "IL" as it is called now -- or "DL" still on Yahoo so far -- is for injured players. NA is only minor league prospects or free agents. Pineda and German can't be kept in either because they are suspended and Yahoo -- and I assume other platforms as well -- does not allow suspended players to be carried anywhere but the active roster. In other words according to Yahoo anyway they don't want to "reward" players being bad boys by allowing them to be stashes in leagues.
  10. Eh, sure, I just got off the boat and don't know what this base-ball thing is, haha. Since I didn't own him in dynasties there was no real reason to notice him being called up since it was all I could do with keeping up with all my teams during crazy, superactive September.
  11. I don't own him so have no invested interest here. But one thing I can tell you is don't worry in dynasty or deep keepers about groundball tilt and stuff like that. All players learn and re-learn throughout their careers. Change happens to all of them as they adapt. Past stats are just that. Past. They are a base to start with but NOT finish with. Players are changeable humans; not dusty data.
  12. No player is ever too young for most owners. Only too old. The younger the better in dynasty and deep keepers for sure. In fact Luis Robert was taken in those leagues two to three years ago. As soon as the platform you were on added him to the database basically. Taken earlier in custom leagues where you could draft and store prospects on spreadsheets or on a website. But even in redraft owners are always looking for the next great rookie phenom as if they are the newest brand sports car. It is in human DNA to do that. To take a chance on the next Acuna or whoever. Take a risk or end up drafting the same old same old. And yes he is projected to be that good. Just in redraft he might not be that good immediately like Mike Trout wasn't. But he could be like Acuna was right out of the gate. That's the fun of fantasy baseball. Taking a risk and swinging for the fences. Having bragging rights for the next big thing being on your team. Having him give you the edge to win the league with . And also ... having fun along the way.
  13. Thanks for the info. I did check Baseball Reference first but typed in Nick instead of Nico.
  14. I agree about Carroll and Edwards. Don't know enough about James. Also Is Tony Gonsolin still considered a prospect? Crowded rotation with the Dodgers could be a problem but he is ready to go otherwise since he already has pitched well in his first 40 innings in the majors. If you need help right away then consider him. Other pitchers? For me personally it is Matthew Liberatore and Tarik Skubal. Michel Baez seems to have fallen off big time. And Monte Harrison has faded as well as Mateo. Definitely not any of them.