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  1. email for more details and/or invitation.
  2. Opening in 18 team Fantrax league email for more details and/or invitation.
  3. This started as a 20 team league, but defections and inactivity have caused us to drop several owners. We will eliminate two teams and fill the rest through an EXPANSION DRAFT AMONG NEW OWNERS, using the entire rosters of the available teams. Many top players are available; 20 NHL keepers and 15 minors. Total roster 29 NHL and 15 minors. email for more details and/or invitation.
  4. I am especially familiar with Fantrax, having been a LM for several years
  5. You have to unlock the league (make viewable to the public) in order for that link to work. I would have sent you an email, but you did not leave your email address, lol. Mine is
  6. hello there . you had some questions about the opening /

    1. orange meow

      orange meow

      I did last night, but by digging deeper into the site I answered most of them. Since this team needs so much work, would you be willing to allow more than 3 FA moves the first week?

    2. orange meow

      orange meow

      You also asked about experience--I currently manage 3 baseball teams on Fantrax, so i am well familiar with the platform


    3. butch91


      position was filled earlier in the day - thanks 

  7. I have a possible interest in the open Detroit team, which I see is a real rebuild project. My email is I'd like to ask you a couple of more detailed questions; what is your email address?
  8. Draft was 3 weeks ago? Are these orphan teams?